"I Am Not This Cage"

[A] Answer the following question

Q1.We observes that our body is changing everyday, but is there something which remains unchanged?

Q2. What is the meaning of  "Dehantara-praptih" ?

Q3. What is "death"?

Q5. Do we remember everything?

Q6. Is there change in all types of body?

Q5. What are the ingredients of the spiritual body?

Q6. We are being controlled by _________
Q7. _________ is the controller of maya.
Q8. Krsna is the _________ of all types of energy, material and spiritual.
Q9. Lord Krsna has innumerable names and qualities. One of the names of the Lord Krsna is Achyuta. Why Lord Krsna is known as Achyuta?

Q10. The principal categories of Krsna's energies are _________ energy, _________ energy, and _________ energy.
Q11. The living entities are the _________ energy of the Lord Krsna
Q12. What kind of freedom does the individual soul has?

Q13. What is the meaning of the verse "vedaham samatitani" ?

Q14. What is Krsna Consciousness movement with regards to this lecture?

Q15. Why a person does cries when he comes to know that he is going to die?

Q16.What is the most important question and what is the most important problem?

Q17. What are the problems of a common man or people in general?

Q18. An intelligent man also thinks about the death, and a less intelligent mans also thinks about the death, what is the difference between their view points?

Q19. We are marginal energy of the Lord. Now we are in the contact of the external energy of the lord and we have a temporary material body and thus we are facing the different changes in the body in the form of birth, death, old age and death. How can we stop the process of changing the body?

Q20. How can a sober man who wants to stop the process of birth, oldage, disease, and death know Krsna?

Q21. Everyone wants to become successful in his/her life. When will our human form of life become successful?

Q22. We see that in an opulent country like America, enough food, enough residence, enough material enjoyment, still they are becoming hippies, all over the world. They are not satisfied. Why?

 Q23. So, spiritual rejuvenation is required. Aham brahmasmi: "_______________. I am Brahman, spiritual soul." Then you will be happy.

Q24. What is the result of spiritual rejuvenation?

Q25. Why the education, culture, fraternity, in this material world, all these are bogus, humbug?

Q26. When does world will become happy?

Q27. What can a devotee learn form this lecture?
a) A devotee can learn that "I am not this body. I am embodied within this body, encaged. But I am not this cage."
b) A devotee should read Bhagavat Gita daily to understand that "I am not this body. I am embodied within this body, encaged. But I am not this cage."
c) A devotee can make his life successful simply by trying to understand Krsna.
d) Death means forgetting what we were in the past.
e) We have a spiritual body which does not under go any kind of change

Q28. What can a preacher learn form this lecture?
a) There are many examples that demonstrate that we are the proprietor of the temporary material body which is always changing.
b) Death is not the end of life. We get another suitable body after death.
c) In this material world people are dependent on the external energy (earth, water, fire, air ether etc) of the Lord Krsna, so we need to preach people to come under the shelter of Lord Krsna's internal energy.

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