Hear From The Authority -- Krsna"

[A] Fill in the blank


Q1. Dehi means __________ of this body.

[B] Answer the following questions


Q1. The body is composed of dead matters such as earth, water, fire, air and ether. How ever it is changing from the boyhood to youth hood to old age. How this change does is being taking place?

Q2.What is the basic principle of spiritual understanding?

Q3. The function of the body seems to be mechanical. is it that our body is acting due to some mechanical arrangements?

Q4. The "Bhagavad-Gita as it is" is considered to be the authoritative book on spiritual subject matter because it was spoken by Lord Krsna? Why we should take the words of Lord Krsna as authoritative?

Q5. There are 84 00,000 species, out of which there are 400,000 species of human beings. It is only the human beings who are trying to solve their economic problem by advancement of civilization. Is the advancement of civilization justified?

Q6. We see that we have been making scientific development for solving our problem; however the problems are always increasing. So there seems to be no end to our problems. Why are we not able to solve our problems?

Q7.Perfect knowledge is acquired by hearing. How?

Q8. Perfect knowledge is acquired by hearing. Where from should we hear to acquire the perfect knowledge?

Q9. We generally acquire knowledge through our sense organs which includes the mind. However the spiritual subject matter is beyond our sense perception. How can we get the spiritual knowledge?

Q10. To understand subject matter which is beyond our sense perception we should approach a bona fide spiritual master. What is the symptom of bona fide spiritual master?

Q11. All our problems can be solved by becoming Krsna Conscious. What is Krsna consciousness?

Q12. There is struggle for existence in all sphere of life. What is struggle for existence and how can we come out of the struggle for existence?

Q13. A devotee of Krsna always is tries to spread Krsna consciousness. What benefit this world will get from the Krsna consciousness movement?


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