"Staying Undisturbed In Distress"

 [A] Answers.


Q1. What is the level of perfection in service to Krsna in Krsna consciousness?

Ans: Krsna is Infinite and we are finite therefore we cannot excel Krsna in anyway. However, all we can do is that we can do our duty sincerely. Krsna is in everyone's heart he knows our level of sincerity. So, the level of sincerity that we can show to Krsna is the level of perfection that we can achieve.

Q2. How to check our self for our devotional services?

Ans: If we are feeling happy than we are executing our devotional service, and if we are not feeling happy


Q3. What is the formula for sure success in Krsna consciousness?


Ans: One must be enthusiastic, one must be patient, one must be confident, one must execute the duties, one must associate with devotees, and one must be very honest in dealing. Six things. If these six things are there, sure success. 


Q4. What are the things which can are against the devotional service?


Ans : Atyahara, too much eating or too much, I mean to say, keeping bank balance or money, or collecting more than the necessities. Atyahara. Generally, too much eating is prohibited. We have to eat simply just to keep the body and soul nicely to execute Krsna consciousness. Atyaharah prayasas ca. Prayasa means taking some risky work which will require too much endeavor. We should avoid that. Atyaharah prayasah, prajalpa, nonsense talking which has no connection with Krsna consciousness. Atyaharah prayasah prajalpo niyamagrahah. Following the rules, but actually I'm not very much careful in executing the work. So niyamagraha. Niyamagraha means not to accept the rules and regulation, and another meaning is simply to accept the rules and regulation without good effect. Atyaharah prayasas ca prajalpo niyamagrahah laulyam, greediness, and jana-sangas ca, and associating with nondevotees. These things are against execution of devotional service


Q5. What is the general principal of Krsna consciousness? 


Ans: General principle is that if you can engage anyone in Krsna consciousness, that is good.


Yena tena prakarena manah krsne nivesayet


Q6. Is it all right to cheat the government?

Ans: No, that should be not our policy. But the basic principle is that if some way or other you can engage a materialistic person's money into Krsna consciousness, it is good for him. It is good for him. You may take some tactics, that doesn't matter. But we cannot take anything for our personal consideration.


[B] Choose all that applies. 


Q1. In the past animal sacrifices were performed by expert brahmanas in Vedic mantra. After the sacrifice

a)      Animal flesh was taken as food.

b)      Giving new life to the animal

c)      Public enjoyed the sacrifice of animal in fire.

Q2. In the present day only mantra is

a)      Hare Krsna mahamantra

b)      The Vedic mantra

c)      The mantra designed by the present day persons


Q3. In the present day the only way to get out of ignorance of Kali yuga is

a)      Chanting of Vedic mantra

b)      Chanting of Hare Krsna mahamantra

c)      Doing animal sacrifice


Q4. The thing which pervades the entire body is called

a)      muscle

b)      bone

c)      blood

d)      Consciousness 


Q5. What can a devotee learn form this lecture?

a)      There are six things which help in execution of the devotional service. They are One must be enthusiastic, one must be patient, one must be confident, one must execute the duties, one must associate with devotees, and one must be very honest in dealing.


b)      There are six things which go against the devotional services. They are Atyaharah, prayasah, prajalpo, niyamagrahah, laulyam, and jana-sangas

Q6. What can a preacher learn form the lecture?

a)      A preacher should be expert in employing general people in the service of Krsna

b)      The preacher must be well conversant with the six principal that go in the favour of devotional service and the six things which go against the devotional service.

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