Disturbed Mind Is Due To Ignorance.

[A] Fill in the blank


Q1. Dehi means the proprietor of this body.

[B] Answer the following questions


Q1. The body is composed of dead matters such as earth, water, fire, air and ether. How ever it is changing from the boyhood to youth hood to old age. How this change does is being taking place?

Ans: The change in the material body is taking place because of the presence of the vital force which is within this body.

Q2.What is the basic principle of spiritual understanding?

Ans: We have been continuously changing the body. As I have got consecutively from boyhood to childhood, childhood, I have, from childhood to boyhood, boyhood to youth hood, aged body, so why not next body? This is simple truth that the living entity, or the soul, is transmigrating from one body to another. This is the basic principle of spiritual understanding.

Q3. The function of the body seems to be mechanical. is it that our body is acting due to some mechanical arrangements?

Ans: The body is performing its various function due to the presence of the vital force within the body. The vital force of the body is the spirit soul. It is not a mechanical arrangement of matter. The modern so-called scientists, they think that the body is combination of matter and, at a certain stage, these combination of matter develop living symptoms. But that is not a fact.

Q4. The "Bhagavad-Gita as it is" is considered to be the authoritative book on spiritual subject matter because it was spoken by Lord Krsna? Why we should take the words of Lord Krsna as authoritative?

Ans: So we have to take the spiritual knowledge from authority. Here is Krsna speaking in the book "Bhagavad-Gita as it is". He's authority. We accept Krsna: the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His knowledge is perfect. He knows past, present, and future.

Q5. There are 84 00,000 species, out of which there are 400,000 species of human beings. It is only the human beings who are trying to solve their economic problem by advancement of civilization. Is the advancement of civilization justified?

Ans: We are trying for developing our economic condition. What is that economic condition? Eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. We are busy always, but the animals are also busy for eating, sleeping, mating, and defending, but they have no problem. We have got problems. So just try to understand, if the major portion of the living entities have no problem... Their necessities of life are being supplied by the Supreme eternal, God. It simply means that they do not have knowledge about Supreme eternal God. So our advancement of civilization means we have created problems.

Q6. We see that we have been making scientific development for solving our problem; however the problems are always increasing. So there seems to be no end to our problems. Why are we not able to solve our problems?

Ans: We are not able to solve our problems because we do not know the actual composition of our body. We have no information that there are two kinds of bodies: the gross body and the subtle body. This gross body is made of earth, water, fire, air, ether; and the subtle body is made of mind, intelligence, and ego. Within the subtle body, the soul is there. We are always busy with the demands of the temporary body.

Q7.Perfect knowledge is acquired by hearing. How?

Ans: We have got eyes, it is very imperfect. It cannot see in all circumstances. Under certain circumstances, we can see. Therefore we should not believe simply by seeing. But one thing, although I cannot see you, you can hear me, or I can understand that you are hearing. The ears are stronger than the eyes. So things which are beyond our experience, we can hear about. Even though we cannot see, it does not mean there is no existence of things. The same example: even though I cannot see what is mind, what is intelligence, what is ego, but I can hear about it. Therefore perfect knowledge is acquired by hearing. So we accept knowledge, perfect knowledge, by hearing.

Q8. Perfect knowledge is acquired by hearing. Where from should we hear to acquire the perfect knowledge?

Ans: You hear from the authority, Krsna." Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is accepted in the present age and in the past age. In the past age, great sages like Narada, Vyasa, Asita, Devala, very, very great stalwart scholars and sages, they accepted. In the Middle Age, say 1,500 years ago, all the acaryas like Sankaracarya, Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Nimbarka... Practically, Indian Vedic civilization, it is still existing on the authority of these acaryas. And it is recommended in the Bhagavad-gita: acaryopasanam. If you want to learn factually things, then you should approach acarya. Acaryavan puruso veda, "One who has accepted acarya, he knows things as they are." Acaryavan puruso veda. So we are receiving knowledge through the acaryas.

Q9. We generally acquire knowledge through our sense organs which includes the mind. However the spiritual subject matter is beyond our sense perception. How can we get the spiritual knowledge?

Ans: If you want to know things which are beyond your conception, beyond your sense perception, then you must approach a bona fide spiritual master.

Q10. To understand subject matter which is beyond our sense perception we should approach a bona fide spiritual master. What is the symptom of bona fide spiritual master?

Ans:One who has taken complete bath in the ocean of the Vedic literature, sabde pare ca nisnatam. The guru, or the spiritual master, has become refreshed by taking bath in the ocean of Vedic knowledge. And what is the result? Sabde pare ca nisnatam brahmany upasamasrayam. By, after such cleanliness, he has taken shelter of the Supreme Absolute Truth, without any material desires. He has no more any material desires; he's simply interested in Krsna, or the Absolute Truth. These are the symptoms of guru, or spiritual master.

Q11. All our problems can be solved by becoming Krsna Conscious. What is Krsna consciousness?

Ans: Krsna conscious means Krsna, the Supreme, the Lord, God. We are part and parcel of Krsna. This is Krsna consciousness. Simply to understand that... Just like you understand your father, and your brothers and yourself. You are all sons of the father. So it is not difficult to understand. As father maintains the whole family, similarly, Krsna, the Supreme Lord, or God, He has many innumerable sons, living entities, and He is maintaining the whole body, whole family. What is the difficulty? Then next duty is to become developed consciousness. Just like a good son, when he feels that "Father has done so much for me. I must repay it, or at least I must accept obligation what my father has done for me," this much feeling is called Krsna consciousness.

Q12. There is struggle for existence in all sphere of life. What is struggle for existence and how can we come out of the struggle for existence?

Ans: Every one of us is trying to be happy, satisfied. That is the struggle for existence. But if we understand these three principles, that God is the supreme father, God is the supreme proprietor, God is the supreme friend, these three things, if you understand, then you become peaceful immediately and there is no more struggle for existence.

Q13. A devotee of Krsna always is tries to spread Krsna consciousness. What benefit this world will get from the Krsna consciousness movement?

Ans: If we become God conscious, Krsna conscious, then the whole problems of the world -- sociology, religion, economic development, and politics -- everything will be solved. Therefore devotees are trying to spread this Krsna consciousness movement for total benefit of the human society.

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