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France is there, but where is Napoleon?Sent on 27 January 2021
The conservation of energy is the spirit soulSent on 26 January 2021
Simply slogan, "We Trust In God"Sent on 25 January 2021
Formerly there was no charge for schoolSent on 22 January 2021
So this consciousness requiredSent on 20 January 2021
There Will Be CatastropheSent on 19 January 2021
We Shouldn't Care for These CatastrophesSent on 18 January 2021
Your senses will keep you intact in jail Sent on 15 January 2021
You can manufacture a toy sputnik Sent on 14 January 2021
The whole target is how to trainSent on 13 January 2021
For want of real knowledgeSent on 12 January 2021
Means the stool-eaterSent on 11 January 2021
But Kṛṣṇa is not like thatSent on 08 January 2021
So we create that situationSent on 07 January 2021
So therefore association is so importantSent on 06 January 2021
So if you become perfectSent on 05 January 2021
In another place Kṛṣṇa saysSent on 04 January 2021
Friends of Lord KrishnaSent on 01 January 2021
So Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement is not ordinary Sent on 01 January 2021
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