“In our Vedic universities we will not encourage anyone to be merely a book worm. There must be life—rising early in the morning, attending
mangala-arati, taking prasadam, etc. The man who is studying will be brahmana, the farmer will be vaisya. In this way there will be divisions, but they are all one in service to Krsna.”

(SPL to Tusta Krsna Maharaja, 9th January, 1976)

“If we get chance, we must open a center in Kanpur. It is very important city in India. I heard that there was someone who was willing to give
us a house. Kanpur is the third most important city in India next to Calcutta and Bombay. We must open a center there, if there is a chance.

Padampat Singhania can himself build the whole gurukula. Similarly Banthuram Jaipuria who is our member, I think, can build the whole thing. If anyone gives the whole money for the building, then we can call the building in his name. The mercantile community is advised to follow the brahmanas. So you are bona fide brahmanas. And if the vaisyas follow your instruction, they will be happy and pious.”

(SPL to Aksayananda Swami, 28th February, 1976)

“The names and beads duly chanted upon by your local GBC man, may be given at a fire yajna. The brahmana thread and Gayatri mantra which must be heard through the right ear may also be given at the fire yajna. All initiated disciples must chant sixteen rounds a day without fail and observe the four regulative principles very strictly. The brahmanas must become learned in the sastras and very clean internally and externally by regularly bathing with water and the holy name. A brahmana must be fixed up in understanding of Brahmana. One should not take it cheaply. The initiation is very serious and one should endeavor to follow the orders of the spiritual master with great determination. Daksina should also be offered when one presents oneself for

(SPL to Ajita dasa, 20th August, 1976)

 “The newly initiated brahmanas may hear the mantra by tape in the right ear. The local GBC man may chant on the beads. All initiates must
practice chanting sixteen rounds daily and strictly follow the four regulative principles which must be stressed with great care so that they are very familiar with them. The brahmana must be cleaned inside and out by bathing with water and mantra. They must become fixed up in the sastra so that they may overcome the bondage of maya with the sword of knowledge.”

(SPL to Sukadeva dasa, 11th September, 1976)