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After reading this during morning prasadam I just had to share it with others. The scene in the book  Jaiva Dharma, by Bhaktivinode Thakur, is set up by the Thakur as a question- answer session between two great souls. Here it is...
Damaghosa dasa
Vrjanatha-  What is the final destination of those who worship Sri Gauranga?
Raghunatha- Sri Krsna and Sri Gauranga are non different in terms of tattva. They are the same Absolute Truth and both are the fountainheads of madhura rasa, nectarean, honey like mellows. However there are two ways in which madhura rasa manifest. madhura, transcendental conjugal sweetness and audarya, transcendental magnanimity. When madhurya is pre eminent, Sri Krsna is manifest and when audarya is prominent, Sri Gauranga is manifest. In the original Vrndavana, Goloka there are two symmetrical halves-Krsna pitha the abode of Sri Krsna and Audarya pitha the abode of Sri Gauranga. In Krsna pitha reside those jivas whose devotional mood is primarily madhurya appended with audarya-they are the devotees of Sri Krsna.
In Gaura pitha reside those jivas whose devotional mood is most pronouncedly audarya supported by madhurya. They are the eternal servitors of Sri Gauranga.
In certain cases, some eternally liberated souls are present simultaneously in both the pithas, through svarupa vyuha, personal expansions.
In other instances particular parsadas participate in one pitha in their spiritual form being absent in the other. 
 Devotees who worship 'Sria Gauranga exclusively in their period of sadhana attain Gaura pitha when they are liberated and perfect. Whereas those who worship Sri Krsna exclusively in their period of sadhana serve in Krsna pitha after liberation.Then there are those devotees   in their period of sadhana  worship both Sri Krsna and Sri Gauranga After obtaining liberation they acquire two transcendental forms and serve Sri Krsna in Krsna pitha and Sri Gauranga in Gaura pitha simultaneoulsy. This is the divine and confidential mystery of the inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference of Sri Krsna and Sri Gauranga.  
(pg 276 Jaiva Dharma.Tranlation by Sarvabhavana das)

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