Prabhupada's lecture - Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 1.8.23 - Māyāpura, October 3, 1974

I claim, "These hairs, my hairs, my head." But I do not know how many hairs are there. So many things. The nail is coming from my body. I do not know how it is coming. I am eating foodstuff. I do not know how it is being turned into blood and other secretions, and it is being transferred through the veins, through the pipes, here and there, and so many mechanical machine. It is machine. It is going on. But this machine is not my creation. This machine is created by this material nature. This machine is manufactured in the womb of mother. According to my karma, I enter into a particular type of mother's womb, and this machine is made by the prakṛti, by the nature. Just like this flower. There is machine.

The seed will fructify, and a particular type of flower from the seed will come because the machine is like that. Just like typewriter machine you can type, but typewriter machine, you cannot go. That you have to accept the motorcar machine. This is also machine. That... Similarly, there are different types of machine, and from that machine, this body is coming out. Bhrāmayan sarva-bhūtāni yantrārūḍhāni māyayā [Bg. 18.61].