Prabhupada's lecture - Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam  1.15.37 - Los Angeles, December 15, 1973

So then again, śva-viḍ-varāha. Viḍ-varāha means the stool-eater. It has no discrimination. Anyone who is eating anything available, he is like viḍ-varāha. He has no discrimination. A human being should have discrimination. Eatable, everything is eatable. Stool is also eatable. Does it mean a human being should eat eatable stool? No. It is eatable for the pigs, for the hogs, not for you. Similarly, a human being who does not know what is eatable for him, he is just like this viḍ-varāha, viḍ-varāha, hog, who has no discrimination, "Oh, everything is all right. Eat. Everything is all right." That is viḍ-varāha.

And uṣṭra. Uṣṭra means camel. Camel enjoys his own blood. The camel eats thorny twigs. So the tongue is cut, and the blood comes out, and the blood is mixed up with the thorns, and he finds it very tasteful. He is tasting his own blood, and he is finding very tasteful. Similarly, everyone in this material world, he is enjoying sex life. He is enjoying his own blood, but he is thinking, "It is very good enjoyment." That is camel's enjoyment. One drop of semina is manufactured by so much blood. So unnecessarily we discharge semina means we are enjoying, spending your own blood. But the camel does not know.

Similarly, camel-like man does not know. Therefore he falls diseased. It is to be used only for purpose of having good children, not for enjoyment. That is false enjoyment. So therefore it has been described as the camel. And ass. Ass means fool number one, because he works very hard. He carried the washerman's load of cloth, two tons of, but not a single cloth belongs to him. Not a single cloth. And he will agree to carry so big burden. What is the profit? The profit is that the washerman will give a little morsel of grass, and he is satisfied. This rascal does not know, "I can get grass anywhere. Why shall I be employed by this washerman?" And another ass's qualification is that when he goes for sexual intercourse, the lady ass kicks on his face. Fut! Fut! Fut! Fut! You have seen it? (lots of laughter) So these karmīs, they are like ass. They will eat two breads, pieces of bread, and the lady karmī will kick on his face at the time of sex intercourse, and he is very happy. And for this purpose he has no time: "Sir, I have no time." He is very busy. You go into a karmī office, he will say, "Oh, I cannot see you. I cannot talk. I am very busy." So what is the result of your business? "Now I will eat two pieces of bread at night, and my wife will kick on my face." (laughter) Just see the ass.

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