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Distribution notepadSent on 18 January 2020
So this is conclusion Sent on 17 January 2020
This is the modern civilization Sent on 16 January 2020
They do not believe in the soul Sent on 15 January 2020
The most wonderful thing Sent on 14 January 2020
Become a loverSent on 13 January 2020
Don't Be Proud Sent on 10 January 2020
The original cause is Kṛṣṇa Sent on 09 January 2020
The judge is impartial Sent on 08 January 2020
Such persons are called kṛpaṇa Sent on 07 January 2020
As soon as there is creationSent on 06 January 2020
Everywhere there is life Sent on 03 January 2020
This is real contraceptiveSent on 02 January 2020
HAPPY NEW YEAR Sent on 01 January 2020
They're killed within the womb Sent on 31 December 2019
That is not possible Sent on 30 December 2019
The mercy of the spiritual master Sent on 27 December 2019
This is misconception Sent on 26 December 2019
Nothing Stays Fresh in This World Sent on 25 December 2019
That is ignorance Sent on 24 December 2019
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