I'll cite one story, interesting story, that one person, he was out of home for ten years, and he went to the Himalayas to find out some yogi to get some perfection. Now, after ten years, that particular man came back to his village. That is quite natural, that any person who achieves some success, he wants to show it before his friends and relatives and countrymen.

So he came back to his village, and all the villagers, they assembled, and they were very much anxious to know: "Oh, my dear friend, you have been ten years to learn yoga perfections. So what you have learned, please let us know." So he said that "I am finished the laghima-siddhi perfection. That means I have learned how to become the lightest."

And what is the result? He said, "Oh, I can walk over the river." So everyone was very anxious because people are very inquisitive and curious. So all of them requested him, "All right, let us have some demonstration. Please show that you'll walk over the river." So there were, all the villagers came and requested him. "All right, I shall show tomorrow morning."

So there was an old man. He said, "My dear such-and-such, oh, after working for ten years, you have learned something who is two cents worth." Oh, that man was very angry. "Oh, it is two cent worth, do you think?" "Yes, I think it is two cent worth." "Why?" "Now because you'll walk over the river. All right. But I shall pay to the boatman two cents. I shall walk over the river." (laughter)
So these things are two cents worth in comparison to Krsna consciousness. Don't be after them.That may be something wonderful for you, but how do I benefit. Oh, what I want here? I want simply to get myself, get free from these miseries of material existence. That can be done only by Krsna consciousness

Lecture on BG 4.13-14 -- New York, August 1, 1966

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