“Regarding your questions: The spark soul has certainly form which means hands, feet, etc. This we learn from Bhagavad-gita. The body is described there as vasamsi, which means dress. So unless one has got originally hands and legs, how the dress, coat and pants and shirt, takes such form? Therefore, the spirit soul has original form. When he is in the material energy the dress is evolved materially and when he is in the spiritual energy the dress is evolved spiritually. This is also not very difficult to understand, as our students before coming to my contact, he was supposed to be materially dressed, attached to sense gratification, and after devoting himself in Krsna consciousness, he is gradually developing a spiritual dress. That means attached to satisfying the sense of the Supreme.”

(SPL to Rupanuga, 14th March, 1969)


“Regarding your question about our relationship with Srimati Radharani, She is the internal energy and we are the marginal energy. Marginal means sometimes internal, sometimes external. When we are under the internal energy, that is our normal life, and when we are under the external energy that is our abnormal life. Therefore, we are called marginal energy. We can be either this way or that way. But being qualitatively one with the Purusa our tendency is to remain in the internal energy. Being in the external energy is our artificial attempt.”

(SPL to Lilavati, 25th April, 1969)


“Regarding the first question in your letter about how do we know of the spiritual abodes since once going there no one returns, you should know that the great liberated souls and incarnations who appear from time to time in this material world are not actually coming back, because they are never subject to material contamination or the laws of material nature. For thepurpose of delivering the fallen living entities they come here temporarily and then go back when their business is finished, and this is all under the direct order of the Lord. So the appearance of the Lord or the great liberated souls in the material world is different from the appearance of the contaminated living entity who is forced to take birth in the material world due to his desire to lord it over the world.”

(SPL to Vrndavanesvari, 6th June, 1969)



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