“I have also accepted the brahmanas who you have recommended; Sukalini devi dasi, Vedapriya devi dasi, and Aravinda dasa. Enclosed please fine a sacred thread duly chanted on for Aravinda dasa. After putting on the sacred thread he may be allowed to hear from the tape the Gayatri-mantra in the right ear. Since there is no sacred thread for the women, they may have already heard the mantra. In any case there are enclosed three mantras sheets, one for each of them. Now teach them to be good brahmanas by keeping clean internally by always chanting Hare Krsna and externally by always bathing.”

(SPL to Kuladri dasa, 28th April, 1977)

 “Mr. John Lennon is anxious for peace in the world, so also everyone is anxious for peace in the world, but it should be known how that peace can be attained. If we keep the human society as it is, there is no possibility of peace. It is not a question of simply accepting God as the center of everything and peace will be achieved, but the question is how to live in God. Mr. Lennon wants to stop war, but war is the creation of different politicians. So unless on the summit of administration there are actually Krsna conscious men we cannot stop war. Therefore people in general must understand the importance of Krsna consciousness, and they must in this democratic day send their real representatives who can make right decisions whether there should be war or no war. We find from the history of Mahabharata that the battle of Kuruksetra was because of the belligerent attitude of Duryodhana. So such war as was conducted under the advice of Lord Krsna is not bad, but war declared and executed by demoniac politicians is certainly very bad. A Krsna conscious person like Arjuna is not inclined to the activities of warfare, but when there is a necessity for peace in the world to educate men to become Krsna conscious, a Krsna conscious person does not lag behind. Therefore the first
necessity for peace in the world is to instruct men how to become Krsna conscious, because as soon as one becomes Krsna conscious all the good qualities in human society are manifested. So if it is possible that Mr. Lennon and Mr. Harrison cooperate with the Krsna consciousness movement, I am sure we shall be able to stop all the nonsensical war.”

(SPL to Bibhavati, 12th June, 1969)

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare