“Yes, inflation is due to paper currency. As for land ownership, in Vedic civilization the land given to the people for cultivation, not for ownership, and a tax was collected that was 25% of the person’s income. The land belonged to the state and the man would cultivate it. If he doesn’t pay tax he may be disowned of the land. One cannot get land from the government unless he agrees to produce something and if everyone produces food then there is no scarcity. At least he has his own food produced by himself. Now people are educated as sudras. They are going to work to produce what is not urgently needed by society. The actual social structure should be that the first intelligent class, the brahmanas, should be for studying and educating people for God consciousness. They are the gurus of all other classes. The second class, the ksatriyas, give protection from dangers and they can distribute the land. The third class, the vaisyas, are for producing. So after the first, second, and third class, the remaining should help the upper three classes, then everybody will be employed. As for speaking this knowledge effectively, that requires a little experience. The more you experience then you will be able to give examples.”

(SPL to Balavanta, April 28th, 1974)

“My next program is to reinstate the Vedic divisions in society as recommended in the Bhagavad-gita:

catur-varnyam maya srstam, guna-karma-vibhagasah

tasya kartaram api mam, viddhy akartaram avyayam

Without this division there cannot be any systematic peaceful running of human activities. There must be a very intelligent class to guide the whole population with brahminical qualifications. There must be a class of people to give protection to the people at the time of danger and ordinarily to maintain peace and order, the ksatriyas. There must be a section to produce food and grains sumptuously for feeding both animals and human without discrimination. Especially cows must be protected by this class. The meat eater class may not be encouraged but if they are stubbornly attached they can eat hogs and dogs or goats or lambs under certain conditions only, but not maintaining slaughterhouses. Then human society will be very peaceful and everyone engaged in employment without producing any idle brains which only are devil’s workshops. If England and America as well as France and Germany can understand this philosophy there will be great theistic revolution which will counteract the atheistic philosophy of Marxism. The present communistic philosophy must be countered by revival of the principles of catur-varnyam.

(SPL to Syamasundara, 1st April, 1974)


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