“I understand that you are trying to organize a brahmacarini asrama.

A brahmacarini asrama is certainly a great necessity because there are so many girl devotees who are attached to our Krsna consciousness movement. Those who are married couples, there is nothing to be said—simply live together as husband and wife. But those who are no married certainly such brahmacaris and brahmacharinis should not live together. There is a special restricted term of our cult. But because in your country there is no distinction between boys and girls, or man and woman, they can freely mix without any restriction. I did not give too much stricture on this point because by such a stricture the might be annoyed, and whatever Krsna consciousness they are trying to develop might have been checked. But factually if you can organize a brahmacharini asrama it will be very nice idea. And I think our Jadurani or similar other girl students who are a little advanced, can manage such ashrama. But there is another difficulty, that when girls live together they will pick up quarrels.

Anywise, that sort of quarreling will continue whenever there is a little bit of individuality. That is the nature. Even such quarrelling is visible in the spiritual world also. But the main thing is that in Boston, you are the only earning member. How will you maintain such a brahmacharini asrama separately unless there is some source of income? I expected that the pictures painted by the brahmacharinis would be a source of income to the Society. If some arrangement for such sales organization can be made, then it will be a very excellent idea. The brahmacharinis cannot go, of course, for begging, but if some of them agree to go out and sell out books and literature, that will be helpful. Some source of income by honest endeavor must be there, otherwise, how a nice brahmacharini asrama can be maintained?

In the asrama we must supply all inmates necessary nutritious food. Especially in your country, because they were accustomed to meat and some protein food, just like regular supply of dal, capatis, and rice and milk, must be properly administered. There is no need of eating more than necessary but the minimum demands must be supplied. But if you can organize such a nice brahmacharini asrama it will be a great success of our Society. There is a great need for this. And I wish sincerely that except for husband and wife, everyone should live separately, man separate from woman, and woman separate from man. I shall be glad to hear from your about further developments. But one thing can be very nicely utilized, if the brahmacharinis learn typographic machine. That will be a great help because printing is one of our most important line of activities. And if the brahmacharinis help us in the making of letter printing, that will be a great help.”

(SPL to Satsvarupa, 12th July, 1968)

“Regarding your third question, morning lecture is also allowed. Lecture is also kirtana, so a morning kirtana is there, similarly morning lecture can also be delivered. In New York, or even San Francisco, when I was present I was giving lectures in the morning also. So far as girls or boys lecturing in the morning, that doesn’t make any difference. Either girl or boy devotees may deliver lecture if they choose to do. We have no such distinction of bodily designations, male or female. Krsna consciousness is on the spiritual platform. As such, anyone who is a devotee of the Lord, following in this line of disciple succession, can deliver lecture, on the teachings of Bhagavad-gita, Srimad

Bhagavatam, etc.” (SPL to Syama dasi, 21st October, 1968)

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare