“The spirit soul is equal in either a man or women. One who is actually engaged in service of Krsna, there is no such distinction as man or woman. In the Bhagavad-gita, Sixth Chapter, first verse, it is stated: anasritah karma-phalam, karyam karma karoti yah, sa sannyasi ca yogi ca, na niragnir na cakriyah. Anyone acting for Krsna, he is a sannyasi or sannyasini. It is also stated: striyo vaisyas tatha sudras, e ‘pi yanti param gatim. So spiritually everyone is equal. But materially woman cannot be given sannyasa. But you should not be bothered because you are serving on the spiritual platform.”

(SPL to Aditya dasi, 4th February, 1976)

“The thing is cow protection is not possible for women. You can keep two or three cows, but on larger scale it is not possible. You should not try to take care of more. It is not women’s business. Women’s business is getting milk and making milk preparations. On the whole larger scale is not to be attempted by women. Manage a small asrama, but don’t try bigger scale, then you require the help of men. Don’t try manual exertion, then again there is a mixture and that is not desired. Simply keep yourself aloof from men-chanting, many more times as possible, read books, worship the Deity. I am very pleased with this girl Svati—she has adopted this white dress. She must not be attractive at all. A widow is forbidden to use ornaments, nice sari, decoration, 3281 combing the hair nicely. These are forbidden for the women who is not with husband.”

(SPL to Yamuna and Dinatarini, 21st February, 1976)

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