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Concerning our use of analogy.

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"Concerning our use of analogy. We do not bring in imperfect analogy, but we follow the instructions of the sastras strictly. Our authority is on the basis sastra, not on analogy. So, Vyasadeva, while giving the history of creation, says: janmady asya...adi-kavaye... so He impregnated the heart of Brahma with all the designs of creation. So what is wrong there? If I instruct someone you do like this, and he does it, then what is the difficulty? This is the system. Our authority is sastra. We give analogy for the general mass of people who have no faith in sastra. Analogy is not proof; sastra is proof. Foolish people cannot understand or accept, so we use analogy. The conclusion is not drawn from the analogy but from the sastra. We don't use a combination of logic and authority, we use authority. Logic we use to convince someone who doesn't accept the authority. The basic principle is authority. Vedas say that cow dung is pure and we accept it. There is no logic, but when we practically use it we see that it is correct. The logic of using analogy is called in the sastra: sakhi candra nyaya. It is easier to focus on the moon through the branches of a tree. The moon is great distance away, and you say that it is just through the branches. So you can focus more easily on the moon because two points joined make a straight line. So focusing on the nearby object helps us to focus on the far-away object. This is the use of analogy. So there is no question of stagnation in Krsna consciousness. Krsna is unlimited. The more we advance in Krsna consciousness, the more we understand about Him. We cannot finish the process of understanding Him. The little more that we advance, we see still that He is far away. Even Krsna couldn't understand His position in relationship to Radharani, therefore, He took the position of Radharani to understand Himself as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu."

(SPL to Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, 21st October, 1975)

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