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Why does it not apply to the big log?

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"I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letters dated April 11th and April 26th, 1972, along with tape of three 'revelations.' The tape is nice, a good advertisement. Now similar tapes should be made. Another revelation is that the needle, when put into the water, it goes down quickly to the bottom. But a big, big log weighing one ton, does not go down. Who has made this law? If the law of gravity is there, why does it not apply to the big log? We can understand that Lord Ramacandra was able to make a bridge by causing the big stones to float in the water, so counteracting the law of gravitation is the law of the Supreme. Gravitation is caused by the Supreme Lord, so He is also able to remove that law or do anything and everything at His will. If you know something like swimming, then the law of gravitation will not work, and who knows better than Krsna how to do everything, so Krsna can change anything, therefore we worship Him as the greatest Scientist. If a man knows swimming he can stay up. So if this much power has a man, what to speak of God. So we see that Ramacandra has the art how to make stones float. It is a question of knowing the art. Art means the display of intellectual energy. Everywhere we can see intelligence in everything, so the Lord knows the art of everything, so He can change anything, we cannot. The atheists and scientists are trying to get God out of things, we are doing just the opposite, trying to put God into everything. They are God-less, nonsense—we are God-full, God-sense or God-conscious." (SPL to Rupanuga, May 3rd, 1972)

(SPL to Rupanuga dasa, 7th December, 1975)


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