Ananga Manjari: Bhagavat asked, “Prabhupada, how can we not fall into maya?” Prabhupada said, “It is like a boat. You stay on the boat and maya may rock the boat, but you don’t jump off the boat. You hold onto the boat and stay on it.” Basically stay in the association of devotees and keep trying. You may get wet but you still stay on the boat.

Amarendra: Prabhupada made a comparison to a lion when he talked about how people choose to stay in the material world and subject themselves to all of this suffering; birth, death, old age and disease. Prabhupada said, “Why would you do that? Why would people choose this? It’s like a lion. You don’t go up to a lion and say, ‘Oh, Mr. Lion, please open your mouth I wish to enter.’” It’s like we’re asking maya to open her jaws and let us enter this miserable condition of life.

Ananga Manjari: Prabhupada noticed that we didn’t have neck beads on. He said to Hridayananda, who was the temple president at the time, “Why are there no neck beads?” I guess in those days neck beads only came from India and they were very scarce. The next day, Hridayananda told me, “We have to have neck beads!” Gainesville was not a big city then so I ran to a little bead shop that is still there today. All I could find were neon colored plastic beads. There were no wooden beads at all. I bought an arrangement of different colored plastic beads; bright yellow, lime green, and bright orange. We strung them, put them on, and Prabhupada just looked at us.

I was supposed to have brahmin initiation at that time and when I walked into Prabhupada’s room he very gravely said, “Sit down”. I felt like a little dog. I remember thinking, “I’m like a puppy. I’m his puppy dog with my new neon dog collar.” When I sat down at his feet he said, “Repeat after me”. He was saying, “Om bur bhuva sva…” “Om” I got but the rest of it I did not get. So he just stopped and he said, “Repeat.” I said, “Repeat.” He said, “Om bur bhuva sva…”. I said, “Ommmmm…” and that was about it. Then he said, “They did not give you a paper?” I said, “No, Srila Prabhupada. No one gave me a paper.”

Then he said, “Never mind, Hridayananda will give the mantra to you tomorrow.” He dismissed me with a wave of his hand. I just thought, “Okay, the dog is being kicked out.”I stood up and was walking backwards, because I didn’t want to turn my back to Prabhupada, and said, “Thank you Prabhupada, thank you, thank you.” Then he just looked around the room and picked up a big garland off his desk, looked at me with a big smile and threw it at me. I exclaimed again, “Thank you Prabhupada, thank you!” That was my brahmin initiation. Later on when we did have the fire yajna after Prabhupada had left, we didn’t have enough bananas to go around. I had given my banana to someone else, so I didn’t even have a banana for myself. That is when I realized that I am a “kripa siddhi”. I think Prabhupada knew this and didn’t take these things seriously for me and that is where my relationship with him is just because of his mercy.

From Tape 55 Srila Prabhupada Remembrances