Amarendra: Prabhupada had a darshan with a reporter from the New York Times. The New York Times had always taken a keen interest in New Vrindavan for some reason. When I got to the darshan the reporter was speaking with Prabhupada and Prabhupada said to him, “Yes, I have seen your paper. It is so thick. But what do they do with it when they are finished? They throw it in the garbage.” At that time, the big Macmillan-gitas had just come out and Prabhupada had one on his coffee table in front of him. He put his hand on the Gita and said, “But this Bhagavad-gita, this they will keep forever.” He said this with such love that you could tell how important it was to Prabhupada every time a new book was published.

Ananga Manjari: Another time in Los Angeles a lady reporter asked Prabhupada, “You say that sometimes women are less intelligent. What do you mean by that?” Prabhupada said, “We can say sometimes that women are less intelligent, but when they come to Krishna consciousness, they become most intelligent. When people come to Krishna consciousness, they become the most intelligent.” There was another lady there from England and she was introduced to Prabhupada by one brahmacharini who said, “Prabhupada, this lady wrote to you once in England and you wrote back to her. She is here to see you.” Prabhupada said, “Oh, very nice. What can I do for you?” She stood up all decked out wearing lots of make-up, a tight dress and her hair was up in a blonde beehive. She said, “Oh, Srila Prabhupada, I just want to get initiated by you.” Prabhupada said, “Do you know the regulated principles?” She said, “I’ve never drank or smoked in my whole life.” Prabhupada said, “Alright, you will get initiated.” He then told Srutakirti to arrange for another set of beads. Just like that, his mercy was there. He could see her sincerity through her simplicity. The next day when the initiations were going on, her name was called and he gave her the name Meru devidasi. She had the big blonde Meru Mountain of hair on her head and we all laughed. It was quite amazing as Prabhupada had a sense of humor even in the serious times of initiation.