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Prabhupada had the ability to cure on every level.

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Prabhupada had the ability to cure on every level.

Pragosh: In Chicago Prabhupada told the story of Visvamitra Muni and how he had performed penances and austerities for sixty thousands of years. “Then, unfortunately,” Prabhupada said, “He fell down in the association of Menaka.” Prabhupada continued to say that he gave birth to an apsara and then he again went back and he performed another sixty thousands (he always put an “s” on the end) of years of penances, austerities, and then again his penance was given up.

Prabhupada said, “This is a very difficult process.” He said, “But for us, the results obtained by Visvamitra Muni, by sixty thousands of years, the devotee achieves by the performance of sankirtan. He paused for a moment, looked out at the devotees and continued his thought, “The devotee achieves by the performance of sankirtan in a few days only.” The temple room literally felt like the roof was going to be blown off. The reaction to that statement was so instantaneous and so joyous, it was almost like someone saying, “Normally it would take a million dollars to get into this building or to get this car, but for the next twenty seconds, anyone in this room can have it for one dollar only.” (laughs) Everyone would go crazy, right? Prabhupada realized how much he had satisfied everyone, and he had this smile on his face that was just amazing. He was so happy to have made the devotees so happy.

When Prabhupada arrived in Hawaii, all the devotees were chanting and performing kirtan. Prabhupada had eight or nine Hawaiian leis around his neck as he was coming down the escalator. When he stepped off, a lady, who none of us recognized, walked up out of nowhere, stepped forward and said, “Swamiji, may I offer you a garland?” Srila Prabhupada looked at her with a child likesmile. He said, “Why, yes.”

She started to reach out and Prabhupada said, “Wait.” He took off one garland, put it on a devotee, took off another garland, put it on another devotee, took off another garland, put it on a devotee, and then Prabhupada said, “All right.” He leaned forward and as the woman put the flower garland on Prabhupada, she bowed her head and Prabhupada touched her. He just touched her head and immediately her eyes burst into tears. Prabhupada looked at her and with a smile on his face he said, “That’s all right.” The devotees were just beside themselves chanting in ecstasy.


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