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We are their good fortune.

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The first time I ever spoke to His Divine Grace was on a morning walk. At that time it was the American devotees who were interacting with Prabhupada. The Welsh and English devotees were younger and felt somewhat intimidated and nervous.

I was afraid to speak. I thought only Americans could speak to him, and I also thought, “Well, what's there to say?” He's speaking, and I'm listening.

But one particular morning I felt inclined to ask my first question. Prabhupada had walked past some young hippies sleeping on the benches in St. James Park and had commented, “By good fortune all these people can come to Krishna consciousness.”

As he carried on walking, the words “good fortune” kept going around in my mind. “Does this mean that there is some kind of luck involved, that somebody gets Krishna consciousness and somebody else doesn't by some throw of the dice?”

In my neophyte state I was trying to understand, “What did Prabhupada mean by good fortune?” So, after a few hundred yards I plucked up enough courage to nervously ask, “Srila Prabhupada, can you please explain what you mean by “good fortune,” because I understand from reading your literature and hearing you speak that nothing happens by chance.”

He continued to walk for a bit and then all of a sudden stopped dead in his tracks. He frightened me, because he turned straight to me as we were twelve inches apart, pointed his cane at me, and said, “We are their good fortune.” I meditated on that for years and years and years.

In his humility, Prabhupada never said, “I am their good fortune,” but, “We are their good fortune.” Gradually I began to understand the importance of spreading Krishna consciousness.

(Bhajahari, Memories of Srila Prabhupada)

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