Amarendra: We got to see Prabhupada in a Nrsimhadeva mood when they wouldn’t give us the occupancy permit in Bombay. He was outraged. He was obsessed with it day and night. He couldn’t believe that in the land where Krishna appeared, where Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita, they wouldn’t give the temple an occupancy permit. At every darshan and class, he would just pound the politicians and the Indian government. I had never seen Prabhupada that angry before and never again. But he was definitely in a Nrsimhadeva mood. All of us were running around meeting with politicians trying to straighten this out, but we’d come back every day without anything being accomplished. Finally Prabhupada himself met with the leader of the local Shiv-Sena party, which I think is still in existence in India today, and because they were so impressed with Prabhupada, they gave us the permit.

When Mr. Nair sold the property to ISKCON, in reality it was a scam. He was going to take the money that we gave him and then pull some strings with some of his political friends to get the property back since Juhu was extremely valuable. Today it’s like prime Beverly Hills or South Beach real estate. Mr.Nair was trying to cheat us but Prabhupada outsmarted him. Like a chess match, Prabhupada moved the devotees onto the property and set up residence. Then he installed the deities onto the property thinking that no Indian would ever disturb the deities. Prabhupada was from Goloka Vrindavan and he had a strategy and was fully aware of this political warfare. He was a brilliant tactician.