“When you go to Australia, you must take with you one mridanga and at least 4 pairs of cymbals to begin kirtana immediately there. When I came to your country in 1965, I brought with me only one pair of cymbals, and it has increased to so many pairs, at least fifty times. And I came here without mridanga. So when you go to Australia, you have to similarly increase the number of cymbals proportionately, namely, fifty times four. That should be your mission, and I am confident that you can do it because you are a sincere soul. If you can introduce this Krishna consciousness movement in such a distant place, Lord Chaitanya will pour His incessant blessings upon you, and your life will be glorious. In this connection, I may give you the example of the boy, Subala, who was struggling in Santa Fe. Although he is not very much qualified from the worldly point of view, still his struggle for existence in Krishna consciousness is advancing him more and more in spiritual realization.


So far I know about you, you are intelligent, qualified, and willing to work for Krishna consciousness, and I hope if you try to establish a center of our society in Sydney or anyone of the important cities of Australia, it will be a record in the history of Lord Chaitanya’s movement. I hope with this seriousness you will go there and always pray to Lord Chaitanya to help you. He is very kind, and He is always ready to help a willing worker. And as soon as you establish one center, it may be that I may go there for some time and try to help you in your organization. But before starting you should make an estimate of the procedure of your working there, as well as you must be assured of getting a job there. Here in America you are working and you are getting some money, but in Australia if you do not get immediately some occupation, it will be risky. So you must consider all these pros and cons intelligently and then, depending on the grace of Krishna, you can go there, chanting all the ways, Hare Krishna.” (SPL to Chidananda, July 12th, 1968).


I know you are a sincere servant of Krishna, so sometimes we may do something which is not very congenial, but Krishna is so kind, that one who is engaged in His transcendental loving service is corrected immediately from within as Krishna is sitting within everyone's heart. So you have gone there with a great responsibility on behalf of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and try to convince people about the importance of Krishna consciousness, that will make everything nice and in order … So far as responsibility is concerned, there is an action in Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu, to be executed by the devotee which is called Krishna arthe akhila cesta, which means to take all kinds of responsibilities for Krishna's sake. Sometimes I also think that "Let me go back to Vrindavana" in that peaceful situation, to live without any responsibilities; still, in this old age, I take the responsibility of managing our quite big institution now and I have to reply to so many letters from different centres to give them instruction. As an old man I can take relief from this work immediately, but for Krishna's sake I am pulling on even though there is sometimes personal inconveniences. So let us act in that way altogether for Krishna's sake.


From the book "The Great Transcendental Adventure" by Kurma Das. Chapter 1 – ‘This Novel Idea' — Early Days, 1968 – 1970