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Answers to everything will come out automatically

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With pleasure I note that Melbourne temple is going on very nicely under your supervision. Now keep the standard of routine work very high and you will always meet with all success. The best news is that you are increasing nicely the distribution of my books and literature. This is the best activity, to distribute solid information about Krishna. Our preaching stands solid on these books. No other movement or cult has such vast background of authority, so we are not afraid to challenge anyone and everyone to defeat their philosophy on the basis of that authority. Krishna appreciates such strong preachers as His dear most servants, so let us work very enthusiastically to drive away rascal philosophy and establish the real religion of Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

Harry was regularly attending the Sydney temple at Glebe, chanting Hare Krishna, doing a little service, and generally enjoying the association of the devotees. Still with long hair way past his shoulders, he was waiting for his friends to arrive back in Sydney so he could hand over his apartment to them and move into the temple. One day he chanced to overhear a conversation between Charu and

Mohanananda: The temple was three months in arrears in rent, they'd found a suitable bus, but it would cost them $1,000 to purchase.
Harry had some money in the bank that he'd saved while working in the Western Australian mining camp. He stood nearby until Charu and Mohanananda noticed him.

"What do you want?" asked Mohanananda, eyeing Harry suspiciously.

"Well," replied Harry, "I just heard you talking about money, and I … well, I've got some money in the bank …"

Charu and Mohanananda listened intently.

"How much money?" asked Mohanananda, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Oh, about $1,500," answered Harry.

Mohanananda leapt in the air shouting "Krishna!" at the top of his lungs. Then he checked himself and sat down, clearing his throat.

"Where is it?" he asked quietly.

"Oh, it's in the bank. I can bring it tomorrow, if you like."

"Oh, Charu can drive you to the bank right now!" 

Harry assured them that it was alright. "I'll bring it in the morning," he said.

The next day, as promised, Harry arrived with his bank book. Charu drove him to the bank, and as he watched, Harry withdrew all of his savings and closed the account. Turning to Charu, he happily handed over the money. The bus was soon purchased.

The devotees worked hard to transform it into a travelling temple. The seats were removed, both upstairs and down. On the top floor, devotees laid a white pine-wood floor and varnished it to a mirror finish. An altar was installed at the front and cooking facilities arranged at the rear. The lower deck was carpeted, leaving two seats over the back wheel arches. The windows were curtained throughout. The entire bus was repainted, the cream and saffron exterior emblazoned with "The Hare Krishna Movement" in large lettering. Below, slightly smaller, it read "The Positive Alternative".

Even in ISKCON's early days, Prabhupada had intimated that he preferred to hand over the management of his Society to his senior men. By doing this he could be free to finish translating the Srimad-Bhagavatam. 

Nevertheless, Prabhupada's day-to-day letters from his disciples were still filled with questions that could be quite competently answered by the senior devotees. In reply to such a letter sent from Upendra, Srila Prabhupada wrote:

I never asked my spiritual master any question except one: "How shall I serve you?" So in this way, kindly inform the others that I may be relieved to give you so many more nice books — that is my real desire.

Mohanananda appeared to be taking an overall managerial role in Australia, although he was not officially a GBC member. Srila Prabhupada was happy with this situation, and he also wanted his senior devotees in Australia to give him some relief by taking the burden of day-to-day management on their shoulders.

He also requested Mohanananda: I am an old man now and my interests are turning to philosophy and translation. If you help me by relieving me from this administrative work, that will free me to give you so many more fine books on Vedic literature and from our own devotional line. So kindly assist me in this way. 

Actually, if you simply serve in a surrendered attitude and go on chanting regularly, the answers to everything will come out automatically: "To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me."

From the book ‘The Great Transcendental Adventure' Part I — Sydney & Melbourne, 1971–1972.

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