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If there are no more temples, the books...

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Prithu Dasa: "When we pulled up at the Yugoslavian border in a van full of books, the customs agents didn't let us through, so we had to turn around. We decided to try another checkpoint. But since it was already noon, we stopped to take prasadam.

"After a while, a huge dog came near our van, and we began feeding it chapatis. Suddenly I had an idea. We invited the dog into the van and drove to the border. As I had hoped, the dog became the focus of a big argument. The border guards were adamantly opposed to allowing our dog into the country. They said, 'You can't take this dog.' And we insisted: 'We can't live without this dog.' Finally we agreed to let the dog go. They waved us through, and we were on our way to Belgrade with hundreds of books.

"At the book fair we managed to get a booth, and hundreds of Yugoslavians bought our books. We distributed prasadam, and many people took our address and later kept in regular contact."

When Hamsaduta informed Srila Prabhupada about his trip to Russia and the successful preaching in Yugoslavia, Prabhupada was extremely pleased. He had a special interest in bringing Lord Chaitanya’s message to countries where conditions for preaching and practicing devotional service were the most adverse. Prabhupada wrote to Hamsaduta:

It is Krishna's mercy that you were able to take in a copy of Bhagavad-gita to Moscow. It is very encouraging that the boy without any association is maintaining the standard. This is due to his chanting 16 rounds and following the regulative principles. Now he should be in your charge, so you kindly guide him and keep him in our atmosphere and utilize him properly, but steadily and cautiously; I am also glad to note the work going on in East Germany.

Try to impress upon them to make communism God-centered. God is the father of everyone, and we are all His sons. Everything is His property, and everyone has the right to enjoy it. Without being God-centred, Communism will fail. So we have got good potency to be the leaders of the world if we carefully push on this movement.

I am glad to note the work of Chakravarti and Prithu at the Belgrade Book Fair. This is real progress. So from all the literatures you are distributing, you spend this money for spreading Krishna consciousness in Poland, Czechos-lovakia, Hungary, and East Germany, and prepare men. Put all of our books into the local languages.

Yes, I want that you give me the facility to write my books, but I can attend some meetings of important people and elites. You have taken the right view of the importance of my books. Books will always remain. That was the view of my Guru Maharaja, and I also have taken it. Therefore I started my movement with my books. And we shall be able to maintain everything with the sales of the books. The temples will be maintained by the book sales, and if there are no more temples, the books shall remain.

Letter to Hamsaduta – New Delhi, 8 November 1973


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