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Don't graveyard your neck and Forehead.

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(Either initiated or not ) Devotee Forehead should always be adorned with tilak and neck should always be laddened with neckbead.

Sometimes it is not practical to put tilak due to restriction in workplace but neckbead there should not be any restriction as it is neither weird nor odd.

In this 21st century every odd is a style and every style is odd . Just like a torn jeans can be upmarket or latest trend.

How imporatant neckbead is we can read from below incident
When I was Srila Prabhupada's servant in Los Angeles in 1970, my neckbeads broke one day and I set them aside to restring later in the day. I went into Srila Prabhupada's room and He immediately said, “Where are your neckbeads?”

I told Him they had broken and I was going to fix them later in the day. He said very strongly “You must go now and fix them. If you knew how dangerous it is to be in this material world without neckbeads on, you would be shaking in your boots!”

A big reason is that the Yamadutas, the monster-like servants of Lord Yamaraj, who come at the time of a person's death to escort them in their subtle body to a place where they can suffer the results of negative karma, have orders from their master that they cannot touch a person with tilak or neckbeads on.

Instead, the Visnudutas come to protect that person and assure their safe progress into their next physical body, or ideally, back to their original spiritual body. It is so important to have kunti mala around our neck at all times, you never know when the time will come to leave the body.

(Nanda Kumar Das, as told by Palaka Dasa)

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