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Krishna Personally Comes.

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Srila Prabhupada said, He (Krishna) asked me to come here and I said that I did not want to go because it was such a dirty place. He (Krishna) told me if you go I will arrange so many nice palaces for you to live in. I said but I do not want to go. He (Krishna) said you just go and write these books and I will make it comfortable for you. So Srila Prabhupada said because He asked me to write these books I came.

Once in Bombay Srila Prabhupada ordered me to come to his room and listen to him preach to some life members. I sat there and listened for almost an hour. After they left he started to chastise me. Why are you not coming here every day to listen to me preach? You are one of my leaders if you do not learn how to preach from me then what will happen? Then he quoted a verse in Sanskrit from Bhagavad Gita and asked me if I knew this verse in English, where it was in the Gita, and what the meaning was. I unfortunately had no answers. Are you reading my books everyday? He asked. I admitted my neglect. If you do not read my books everyday then how will you learn? You are going out to make life members and collect big donations but you are not reading my books. You must read my books every day!

Then he said, even I read my books every day. Do you know why? I proffered no answer and waited for the revelation. Because every time I read these books even I learn something! I sat in stunned silence. Then he asked do you know why I learn something every time I read these books? Now I was completely bewildered. Because I have not written these books. What transpired next was simply amazing. He looked at me very intently making strong direct eye contact. He spoke with great authority but with a mystical mood bordering on the ecstatic as he began to describe how his books are written.

Every day he said, when I sit down here to write these books, he was now looking into space waving his hands in the air his voice filled with transcendental emotion, Krishna personally comes and dictates every word. I got the sense that Krishna was present in the room at that moment but I was too blind to see Him. Now Srila Prabhupada returned his eyes to mine. Therefore he said, whenever I read these books even I learn something and if you read my books everyday you will also learn something every time you read them.

Written by Bhagavat das.


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