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As the temple president in Paris I asked Prabhupada, “What should I tell people when they say to me that they don’t understand their relationship with you because they don’t always see you? You’re travelling so much and they don’t get to spend time with you. They don’t feel like you know them. They don’t get a chance to ask you their questions directly, and in the Vedic times students would live with the guru in the ashram. There was a personal relationship.”

Prabhupada said, “What do you tell them?”

I said, “I tell them they shouldn’t feel deprived of your company. You’ve invested yourself in your books and if they read your books carefully, they will find that relationship with you.”

Prabhupada said, “First you should ask them if they’re chanting their sixteen rounds.” He said, “Unless you’re following the basics, where is the question of a deeper relationship with the spiritual master?” That was very telling.

(Yogesvara, Memories of Srila #Prabhupada, by Siddhanta Dasa)

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