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Being happy to be in the presence of Prabhupada.

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Being happy to be in the presence of Prabhupada.


Contributed by: Mahavishnu Dasa

Indrapramad das: There were many devotees trailing Prabhupada and also there were seven or eight devotees to Prabhupada’s left and also seven or eight devotees to Prabhupada’s right, and I was the last devotee on the right. This was just about the closest I had ever been to Prabhupada other than being in a class, and I was in this mood of just being happy to be in the presence of my spiritual master. I didn’t have to ask any questions, everything was already answered. And in that mood, the questions that were being asked of Prabhupada by all the big guns, it appeared to me like they were just trying to hear themselves speak and I was thinking, “Why don’t they just be happy to be in the presence of their spiritual master?”


And just as I was thinking that thought, Prabhupada finished answering a question and he stuck his head out and looked down the line and looked right at me and said, “Is that all right?” Of course, I was flabbergasted and I realized that Prabhupada had read my mind and he was acknowledging my sentiment. And, of course, wherever Prabhupada looks everybody looks in the same way, and they’re all turning their attention to me wondering, “Why is Prabhupada talking to him? He wasn’t part of the conversation.” All I could do was squeak out, “Yes, Prabhupada.” And that was my moment with Prabhupada that was personal and no one else knew what had happened.


Hridayananda Goswami: I remember when Prabhupada called us all in emergency GBC meeting to Los Angeles because of the umbrella corporation. There was an attempt to centralize management, to make one corporation for all the ISKCON temples, an umbrella corporation. Jayatirtha was very enthusiastic to do this and Prabhupada was saying he didn’t want it, and Jayatirtha wasn’t really listening. So Prabhupada called on an emergency basis that all the GBC should come to L.A., and so we all came to L.A. I remember being in Prabhupada’s room and Prabhupada telling Jayatirtha, “We’re not going to do this,” and Jayatirtha was so upset he burst into tears and just ran out. And I remember then we had to actually preach to Ramesvara.


Ramesvara was much more calm about it and he wasn’t that emotional about it, but he was just frankly saying, “I don’t understand why Prabhupada is doing this.” And, of course, it turned out Prabhupada was perfectly right because with all the legal cases we’ve had, if it had been one corporation it would have ruined everything. So Prabhupada was absolutely right. But Prabhupada, with an upward motion with his hands, he said, “This umbrella will go like this,” like an umbrella that suddenly flips up and stops being an umbrella.

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