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Taking a risk for preaching is healthy.

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Taking a risk for preaching is healthy.

Compiled by: Mahavishnu Dasa

Bhakta Rajesh

One evening at Perangud, a small town on the outskirts of Pune, [India], I ventured into the busy market area. I got a mixed response as I slowly moved among the various vegetable vendors engrossed in bargaining with unyielding housewives on their daily grocery run. I was immersed in showing books to everyone and soon found myself deep inside the market. Suddenly I realized I had unknowingly reached a lane that was exclusively selling meat and fish. As I looked around, there were butchers lined up in their nauseating little shops, which stunk like hell. On the other side were fisherwomen heckling and arguing with each other, ready with their overbearing personalities to drive away any prospective troublemaker.


Wasting no time, I began to flee. As I did so, however, a thought crossed my mind, prompting me to slow down: “These people need Srila Prabhupada’s books more than anyone else.” Aware of the dangers of hanging around in such a sinful place, I hurried through, still reluctant, showing books half-heartedly. To my great surprise, however, one after another, almost all the animal-slaughterers called me in to their shops and took many copies of the books I had. Even the fisherwomen, usually foul-mouthed and indiscriminately abusive, were polite and also asked for the books. One man was particularly remorseful. Hearing about the severe karmic reactions awaiting him after death, he was sorry about his profession and honestly desired to give up this heinous practice, his family trade for many generations.


He took many books, worth Rs. 400(!) and also promised to chant Hare Krishna.


Taking a risk for preaching is healthy, especially when we have the association of strong devotees. It enables us to help more conditioned souls experience the all-embracing mercy of Lord Chaitanya.


Yamunacarya Dasa

I went to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books door to door in Slovakia. I met a girl who had cancer. Her name was Jana. She was happy to see me and took two books. Before I left I promised that I would visit her again soon. A few days later I learned she was in the hospital.


I went there and found her surrounded by her family, in a room for people who are going to die. She was so happy to see me again. I spoke Krishna conscious philosophy to her and also to her family members. She said, “I already read three fourths of the book.” She was very happy to eat a plate of prasadam I had brought her.


She then said, “This is amazing! This is amazing! Why didn’t I know of this wonderful process before?”


I sat down and read Krishna book to her for some time. Then I preached to her mother. When Jana heard my preaching, she opened her eyes and said, “Is it OK if I chant this mantra in my mind?” “Yes, sure, it’s O.K. What do you actually chant?”


She then chanted the Hare Krishna maha-mantra with closed eyes, intently hearing the holy names. I left her a nrsimha-pavitram and a photo of Sri Sri Nitai–Navadvipa-candra, the presiding Deities of the Prague temple. I also gave her some maha oil from Lord Nrsimha and a CD with the Hare Krishna mantra on it.


A week later I received a message that she had left her body. The family invited me to visit them. When I arrived at their home, her mother was there with Jana’s sister. I spoke to them about the eternality of the soul and Krishna consciousness, and they heard with rapt attention.


The mother said, “Before she passed away we smeared her body with this oil and held this photo you gave us in front of her. The CD was also playing.”


Jaya Srila Prabhupada! At that moment I understood the amazing mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In the future I am going to visit them again because the rest of the family wants to know me.


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