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All you need is love.

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So this perfection of love. We are also after love. A young man is after love; a young boy is after love. So wherefrom this love comes? Because originally the love is there in Krsna. That is the version of the Vedanta-sutra. Janmady asya yatah [SB 1.1.1]. Yato va imani bhutani jayante. So this loving affair has come from the Supreme Absolute Truth, but it is pervertedly reflected only. Pervertedly reflected. Yatra tri-sargah amrsa. Here in the material world we are simply seeing the perverted reflection of the spiritual world. Therefore in Srimad-Bhagavatam it is said in the beginning,

janmady asya yato 'nvayad itaratas carthesv abhijnah svarat
tene brahma hrda ya adi-kavaye muhyanti yat surayah
tejo-vari-mrdam yatha vinimayo yatra tri-sargo 'mrsa
dhamna svena sada nirasta-kuhakam satyam param dhimahi
[SB 1.1.1]

Satyam param dhimahi. Here everything is perverted. Reflection, shadow. The example is given. Just like in the desert, sometimes we find water. The reflection of the sunshine makes a false replica of water, exactly. But there is no water. There is no water, and the reflection of water. Similarly, in this material world there is only reflection of that love. Actually, there is no love. It is the mirage on the desert. Therefore, if we want really love, this word can be applied only to Krsna, all-attractive.

So this Krsna consciousness movement is just to teach people not to be allured by the illusory so-called water and love or anything. There is one reality: satyam param dhimahi. Just try to come to the real reality. Don't be entrapped by the false reality. This is Krsna consciousness move... We are entrapped by the false reality, maya. Maya-mrgam dayitayepsitam anvadhavat. Maya, just like the deer, he runs over the false water in the desert. But the water goes ahead more and more, and the poor animal, without finding water, dies. But a sane man does not go. A sane man knows that reflection of water is not water. But that does not mean... Because there is no water in the desert, it does not mean that there is no water. The water is there, but not in the desert. That is knowledge.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.10 -- Delhi, November 16, 1973


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