We do Not Allow any Lazy Man.

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You are doing your duty very nicely. Your dharma means your occupational duty. Suppose you are engineer. You are doing duty very nicely. Or a medical man, or a business man, or anyone — everyone has to do something. You cannot sit down idly and you'll get your livelihood. Even if you are a lion you have to work. Na hi suptasya simhasya pravishanti mukhe mrigah. This is… The material world is like that. Even if you are as powerful as a lion, you cannot sleep. If you think, "I am lion, I am the king of the forest. Let me sleep, and the animal will come and enter in my mouth." No, that is not possible. Even if you are animal, you have to catch up an animal. Then you'll be able to eat. Otherwise you'll have to starve. Therefore Krishna says, niyatam kuru karma tvam karma jyayo hy akarmanah. "You must do your duty." Sharira-yatrapi ca te na prasiddhyed akarmanaha. Don't think… The rascal says that "Krishna consciousness movement is teaching people to escape. They've become…" No, that is not Krishna's instruction.

We do not allow any lazy man. He must be engaged. That is Krishna consciousness movement. That is Krishna's order. Niyatam kuru karma. Arjuna was refusing to fight. He was trying to be nonviolent gentleman. Krishna did not allow him. "No, no, you cannot do that. That is your weakness." Kutas tva kashmalam idam vishame samupasthitam: "You are proving yourself rascal. It is anarya-justam. This kind of proposal is for the anarya, uncivilized man. Don't do that." That is Krishna's… So don't think that Krishna consciousness movement, those who are Krishna conscious, they'll become lazy and imitate Haridasa Thakura. That is not Krishna consciousness. Krishna consciousness means, as Krishna instructs, you must be very, very busy, twenty-four hours. That is Krishna consciousness. Not to become a lazy fellow, eat and sleep. No.

So this is dharmasya glanih. But you have to change your angle of vision. In the material conditioned life your aim is how to satisfy your senses. And Krishna consciousness means you have to work in the same spirit, same vigor, but you have to satisfy Krishna. That is spiritual life.Not that to become lazy fellow. The difference is, as it is said by author, Krishnadasa, atmendriya-priti-vancha tare bali kama [Cc. Adi 4.165]. What is kama? Kama means when one desires to satisfy his own senses. That is kama. Krishnaendriya-priti-iccha dhare prema nama. And what is prema? Prema means when you engage yourself for satisfying Krishna's senses. Why gopis are exalted? Because their only endeavor was to satisfy Krishna's senses. Therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu recommended, ramya kacid upasana vraja-vadhu-vargena ya kalpita. They had no other business. Vrindavana means, those who are in Vrindavana… If they actually want to live in Vrindavana, their business should be how to satisfy the senses of Krishna. That is Vrindavana. Not that "I am living in Vrindavana and trying to satisfy my senses." That is not Vrindavana-vasi. That kind of living is… There are so many monkeys, dogs and hogs also; they are in Vrindavana. Do you mean to say that they are living in Vrindavana? No. Anyone who wants to satisfy senses in Vrindavana, their next life is dogs, hogs, and monkeys. You must know that. So one should not try to sense gratify in Vrindavana. That is a great sin. Simply try to satisfy Krishna's senses.

Compiled by Yashodanandana dasa

Prabhupada speaks during a Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture in Vrindavana on September 21, 1976.


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