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On becoming serious.

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Hare Krsna to All
Glories to Srila Prabhupada
Below is a very wonderful lecture (parts taken out for brevity) by Srila Prabhupada wherein he explains the difference between the materialistic bhakta and the fully spiritualized bhakta, or, one who is above the three modes of nature.. 
He begins by telling us how this material nature works and for the devotee, only he knows how things are going on and not just to give the pat answer--"its nature working".
Next he explains real enjoyment. For one so conditioned by maya, he or she is thinking any sensual satisfaction he receives to be pleasure.When in fact this perception is only within his mind and not real pleasure at all. Real pleasure he states can come only from spiritualized  transcendental senses.  This platform is called raganuga bhakti which is far above vaidhi bhakti. The latter,however, is necessary to arrive at the former.
Another point  he makes is that to come to the madhyama platform, which is above the modes of nature, one must do good for others. Not to just sit alone, do his puja and let the world go to hell.
Hare Krsna

Damaghosa das
721112SB.VRN                   Lectures                 
...Not theory. This is the fact of creation.
Creation, there is
machine, or there is electronic working and the buttons are pushed by
the Supreme Lord.
Parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate.
His electronic
machine is so subtle and powerful that we cannot understand. We say
"nature." Because, due to our ignorance, we cannot explain how the
nature is working, we give an evasive reply.
Just like a flower is
coming from the seed. The tree is coming, the flower is coming, the
fruit is coming.
So we simply give an evasive reply: "By nature, it is
coming." But we cannot explain how it is coming

   But there is explanation. Just like in our, this tape recording
machine, we do not know; we push some button. It is recording. But
there is a great manipulation of the machine. That we do not know. As
soon as it is not working, because we are ignorant, we go to the
mechanic: "Just find out what is the wrong." He knows; he puts the
things in right way. Again it works.
So we take the total working and
we may say it is working by nature. No. There is brain. There is
pushing of button. Everything is there. That is explained in the
                        mayadhyaksena prakrtih
                         suyate sa-caracaram
                         hetunanena kaunteya
                         jagad viparivartate
Mayadhyaksena. "I am pushing the buttons." He is... But the His
pushing of buttons and acting on the machine is so subtle and so quick
and so immediate that we cannot explain. We think it is automatically
done. We think that it is automatically...
   Krsna's energy is so powerful that He puts the potency in a seed.
Bijo 'ham sarva-bhutanam
. Krsna says bija, means "seed,"
sarva-bhutanam. "Whatever is coming out, being manifested, the seed, I
am." Means--"Seed, I am"--means "It is manufactured under My
Just find out the seed of a banyan tree, a small grain,
like mustard seed. But you sow the seed and a big tree, gigantic tree,
will come out. Unless the energetic tree is there within the seed, how
it comes out? That is Krsna's energy
...Now, from that seed, first of all, the trunk will come, the
branches will come. Then the twigs will come, the leaves will come,
and the fabrication of the leaf. Everything see, wonderful. Everything
we see, wonderful.
But svabhaviki, as if coming automatically,
A creeper is coming, is trying to find out a shelter.
As soon as it finds out shelter, immediately captures. We have seen in
our Los Angeles. Behind my house, the electric post and the wire, the
creeper is taking shelter and giving flower and fruits and everything.
Svabhaviki. Now, you can say it has no eyes. How it is seeing, how it
is coming here and is, what is called, squirreling? No. The energy's
so perfect that svabhaviki, it is working like nature. Automatically.
Svabhaviki. There is knowledge. Svabhaviki jnana-bala-kriya.
Everything is done by knowledge, by power, and by action.

   So there is everything. We can see practically how the trees are
growing. Your body, my body--in the same way, everything is coming
out. Now, there was seed, the father and mother's seed. Now, within
that seed, all these arrangements of the veins, nerves and fibers and
muscles and everything was there. You cannot explain how these veins
are working. Little discrepancy of the working of the vein, I suffer
on my finger for so many days. What is that? There was no regular
supply of the energy. The, there was some disturbance in the holes of
the veins and nerves. This is the medical science. But as soon as it
is cured, the supply is there. Just like when the pipe is jammed, the
water does not go and it creates disturbance. Similarly, everything is
going on nicely in a machine. And Krsna knows everything.

Anvaya-vyatirekabhyam. Janmady asya yatah anvayad itaratas ca arthesu
abhijnah svarat.
I do not know how the nerves in my finger became
disturbed and how it has become diseased and how it became cured. And
now it is all right. I do not know, although I claim, "This is my
hand, this is my leg." But I do not know. Therefore it is not my leg,
not my hand. Just like I'm living in a room, rented room. That is not
my room. If you study in this way, you'll find: isavasyam idam sarvam.
Everything belongs to God, Krsna
Falsely you are claiming. I do not
know how it is working
. I have been given the chance to live in this
particular body. Otherwise Krsna is working as I wanted.
I wanted
teeth to eat fresh flesh, so Krsna gives us the tiger's teeth, tiger's
nail. But how the nails and teeth came into existence, how it is
working, how it is set up, that I do not know. That I do not know
That knows Krsna. Anvayat vyatireka arthesu.
..Similarly, I wanted a body like this to enjoy a certain standard of
sense enjoyment, so I enter into this body, I enter into that body.
Also Krsna enters as Supersoul. Sva-nirmitesu nirvistah. Then bhunkte
bhutesu tad-gunan. Then what I enjoy? I enjoy the action and reaction
of the three modes of material nature, that's all.

Actually, the enjoyment is in my mind. That is not enjoyment. That
is not enjoyment. Real enjoyment is when I am free from this
embodiment of five elements, gross elements, and three subtle
I have entered into this, and the action and reaction of
these five gross elements, three subtle elements, I am enjoying.
Actually, not enjoying. This is called maya.
There is no enjoyment. It
is enjoyment in the mind
. The mind is also material creation.
enjoyment is beyond these senses. Sukham atyantikam yat tad
atindriya-grahyam. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gita: sukham
atyantikam yat tat. The real happiness is not by these gross senses.
By transcendental senses, we can enjoy sukham at..., real happiness.
Therefore, because we are not in that platform of enjoying the
transcendental senses, we are trying to enjoy by these gross senses,
therefore we are becoming baffled and frustrated. This is the cause of
frustration. Because that is not the platform of enjoyment.
   So you have to uncover. You have to discover. That discovering
process is devotional service. The more you are engaged in devotional
service, the more your senses become pure or uncovered. And when it is
completely uncovered, without any designation, then you are capable to
serve Krsna
. This is apprenticeship. Vaidhi-bhakti, that is
Real bhakti, para-bhakti, that is raganuga-bhakti.
This raganuga-bhakti, we have to come after surpassing the
. In the material world, if we do not try to make further
and further progress in devotional service,
if we are simply sticking
to the shastric regulation process and do not try to go beyond that
Shastric process also regulation, that is required.
Without shastric
process you cannot go to that platform. But if we stick to the
shastric process only and do not try to improve ourself... The
shastric process is kanistha-adhikara, lowest stage of devotional
                          arcayam eva haraye
                       pujam yah sraddhayehate
                       na tad-bhaktesu canyesu
                      sa bhaktah prakrtah smrtah
Generally, people come to this temple, they are very devoted to the
Deity. They offer their respects, flowers and other things, make the
regulative process, circumambulate. This is nice beginning, but one
has to go above this
. One has to know who is actually bhakta, who is
ac... Na tad-bhaktesu canyesu.
One has to do good for others. That is
If I become satisfied only with these regulative
principles for worshiping the Deity in the temple and following the
regulative principle daily, but if I have no other idea, then sa
bhaktah prakrtah smrtah
. Prakrta means on the material platform. Such
devotee can fall down at any moment, because he's on the prakrta
And prakrta means this gunamayi, prakrti. It is very strong.

So any devotee can fall down if he remains prakrta-bhakta. So he
has to raise himself above this in the madhyama-adhikara.
So here it
is said that sva-nirmitesu nirvisto bhunkte bhutesu tad-gunan.
So we
are not enjoying actually. We are enjoying the interaction of the
three modes of material nature. And we are thinking... The same thing,
as my Guru Maharaja used to say, that licking up the bottle of honey.
That is not real honey. You have to open the bottle of the honey and
lick up the real honey, then you'll get taste. That is advancement of
spiritual knowledge...
Therefore, if we do not associate with the advanced devotees,
uttama-adhikari, if we simply want to remain in the lowest stage of
devotional service, then we are not making progress.
Then we shall
simply enjoy the material field, without entering into the spiritual

   Bhunkte, bhunkte bhutesu tad-gunan.
We have to raise above the
modes of material nature. Nirguna
. Traigunya-visaya veda nistraigunyo
bhavarjuna. That is the statement of Bhagavad-gita.
In the Vedic
instruction, traigunya, Vedic instruction is dealing with the three
gunas, the three material modes of nature
. Nistraigunyo bhavarjuna.
What is that? Because when Krsna was asking Arjuna to
fight, he was in the traigunya platform, in the material platform
. He
was thinking, "How shall I kill my grandfather? How shall I kill my
teacher? How shall I kill my brother? How can I kill nephews?"
This is
traigunya-vicara, consideration on the material platform.
Then Krsna
said, nistraigunyo bhavarjuna: "Just become transcendental to the
material modes of nature."
What is that transcendental material
nature? "I am asking you to fight. You do it
." That is nistraigunya.
Krsna is asking him. That is nistraigunya. Traigunya-visaya veda
nistraigunyo bhavarjuna. The guna or nirguna, these two words are
there in the Vedic literature. When we speak of guna, that is, means
these three gunas, three material modes of nature. And nirguna means
above these three material modes of nature.
So actually devotional
service is above the three modes of material nature
. Sa gunan
samatityaitan brahma-bhuyaya kalpate.

So when you are actually in pure devotional service,
sarvopadhi-vinirmuktam, being freed from the interaction of the three
material modes of nature, that is real transcendental stage of
devotional service. So we have to try to go to that platform.
Otherwise, we shall remain a prakrta-bhakta
. As it is said here:
bhunkte bhutesu tad-gunan. We have to become transcendental to the
three modes of material nature. That is not very difficult. Simply one
has to become very serious and sincere. That's all. 
...   So if we execute devotional service with some material purpose,
that purpose may be served, but you cannot rise to the transcendental
. So we should be very careful that we may not take to
devotional service...
Even though we take it, still, it is recommended
that you prosecute, you go on with the devotional service by the
regulative principles. Then you'll come to the uttama platform
. There
is no question of disappointment, but we must know that if we remain
on the material platform, then we have to take so much time.
From the
material platform, we have to go to the spiritual platform. That means
we require to follow the regulative principles very strictly and
sincerely. Then we'll be promoted to the nirguna platform. Without
performing the regulative principles, one cannot come immediately, all
of a sudden..
. Maybe, by the grace of Krsna, one can come,
but the
regular way is first of all let us follow the regulative principles
strictly. Then gradually we shall be purified and come to the
spiritual platform. And that will be successful, a success of our

   Thank you very much. Hare Krsna. (end)





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