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My recent trip to India-part 2

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Hare Krsna To all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
[this is the second and last letter regarding my recent India trip]
The next place I visited was Jaipur, the city of the pink palace and home of Radha Govinda-formerly of Vrndavana dhama . I was told an interesting story about Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan, formerly from Vrndavana.
[the Pink Palace interior compound, nearby is Radha Govinda temple]
These Deities were taken from Vrndavana when the Muslims invaded and was installed in Jaipur as Their new home.
However , later on, one princess, being a devout Vaisnavi, got herself married to some prince who lived not in Jaipur but about halfway between Vrndavana and Jaipur. She was distraught because she had to move to his palace and would no longer see her Madan Mohan, living so far away. She told the head priest, she wanted the Deity to move to her town when she did, and of course the pujari said thats not possible, He is staying here. She said, you dont understand I have a "special" relationship with Madan Mohan, the priest said sure , and so does everybody else too.This went back and forth until finally the priest said OK, I will hide Madan Mohan in a room  of the palace where we have several other deities that look exactly alike to Madan Mohan, and if you can pick  Him out among them all,  then only can He go with you.
That night Madan Mohan appeared to her in a dream and told her dont worry, you will recognize me because I will be warmer to the touch than the others. Next day she picked out the right Deity and Madan Mohan moved out of Jaipur along with that princess and has been staying there in that town up to today.
Jaipur is called Gupta Vrndavana--the hidden Vrndavana since so many  Deities originally installed by Vrajnab, Krsna's grandson,  are presently residing there.
The next leg of my journey took me far south to Udupi, the famous coastal town where Srila Madhvacarya established his first Mathas, and thousands of followers to this day still come here as well as visit here.
One local Vaisnava Swami donated his ashram in Udupi, called Garuda Guha, to the Bhaktivedanta Eco Village organization, and below are some pictures of this sacred place where Garuda came to perform  tapasya.
Garuda in his cave/ashram
The last part of my trip was B.E.V.-- Bhaktivedanta Eco Village in Karanataka South India,a two hour drive from Udupi, into the mountains, and for me, this area is one of the best parts of India. The people here are more pious, its cleaner, and the geography is hilly and jungle like at times with a lot more water than the northern counterpart of India.
Here below is a picture from inside the temple veranda looking out into the sacred Sahyadri Dhama mountains
This place is like a jewel in a golden setting. The mountains surrounding this valley are said to have been dropped by Hanuman when he was delivering various mountains for Lord Rama and Laxsman 's use down near Sri Lanka, two million years ago.The rivers coming down contain life giving herbs and minerals, and the valley where the village exists, have several nice stone buildings in the local traditional style and a magnificent temple structure complete with ancient wood pillars that makes one feel this temple has been here for a thousand years. And yet it was put together less than 20 years ago with a labor of love by Tattva Darshan and all his past and present associates. 
Below is a picture (Jitarati prabhu) looking out from the temple porch at some of the rice field paddys 
So in conclusion, this sacred sthana of Lord Rshabdev where He burnt up Himself and the forest when He left this world , along with the cakranadi river which flows thru it on one side, is an incredible place for one who wants to perform devotional service to the Supreme Lord Krsna or Vishnu. It has been described in the Narasimha Purana that Lord Vishnu and his consort Ambha Devi have chosen this place  as Their  Embassy to Vaikuntha, and this valley and surrounding mountains are considered non different than Vaikuntha Dhama.
Hare Krsna
Your humble servant

Damaghosa das 
One of the typical residences, which are very clean and quite comfortable--and  most
of them are equipped with solar panels for electricity as well as running water
One of the many rice fields
The presiding Deities Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Silas
Part of the temple room coming in
Srila Prabhupada on his asana
Prasadam hall
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