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Don’t think that because ...

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1) Don’t think that because you are Krishna conscious you will be always successful. It doesn’t matter. Even if you are unsuccessful, you must know firmly that without Krishna’s desire, nothing can happen. If you are unsuccessful, then you should know it is Krishna’s desire. There is no question of being depressed because you are unsuccessful. A devotee is never depressed in any horrible condition of life.
– Lecture in Bombay, 11 April 1974

2) Don’t be depressed. Try to please Krishna. Our only business is whether Krishna is satisfied or not. If He is, then everything is all right. Try to satisfy Krishna. Then everything is auspicious. Instead of begging from Krishna, Krishna will beg you to tell Him whatever you want. A devotee never wants anything, but Krishna is anxious, “You take whatever you like.” So if you simply please Krishna, he will canvass, “My dear devotee, whatever you want, you take. You can take from me.”

We have tried to improve our condition of life, even to the point of trying to become demigods. But don’t think that the demigods are free from danger. Indra was so many times perplexed. Even Brahma was perplexed. You cannot avoid dangerous positions within this material world, even if you are a person like Brahma. But if you become a devotee of Krishna, then everything is all right. So our business should not be to try to become very great persons in this material world. That will never be possible. You can get a big position in the higher planetary systems or the lower planetary system — whatever you desire — but you will never get safety or peace.
– Lecture in Vrindavan, 7 April 1976

3) Do not be depressed. All along my god brothers gave me only depression, repression, and compression, but I continued strong in my duty. So never mind if there is some discouragement. Continue with your work in full enthusiastic Krishna-conscious attitude of service.
– Letter to Gurudas, 29, August 1972

4) If this preaching work is attempted sincerely, then Krishna will provide men to help us. Krishna does not like to see his men suffer or become frustrated and depressed on his behalf, no. If we remain always faithful to him, working very hard despite all difficulties, then very quickly you will meet Krishna face-to-face. You may know it for certain.
– Letter to Gurudasa and Yamuna, 19 December 1972

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