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Letters of 4th September

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"The BBT arrangement you have made is all right, but Brahmananda Swami says that it may be difficult for the temples to maintain by giving to both the book fund and the building fund. So if it is not possible that the temples maintain themselves by giving 45% to the BBT and 45% to the building fund, then use the building fund for maintenance. But the BBT must get its money. That is the prime responsibility of every temple. So let the temples pay the BBT 50% and when you require money for construction, then
we shall see."

(SPL to Cyavana Swami, 4th September, 1975)

"One thing I received one letter from gurukula regarding the Krsna Bowl contests, and I want you to know that nothing new should be added. Whatever I have introduced should remain. Nothing new should be added. New things means their brain is not clear. Carefully manage things what I have established."

(SPL to Rupanuga dasa, 4th September, 1974)

"I am so pleased to hear that you are living nicely with your parents and carrying on with your Krsna consciousness activities. That is a good proposal. Nevermind there maybe some inconvenience. Krsna always real difficulty under any conditions so long as we remember the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Just like Prahlada Maharaja, he never asked Krsna for anything, Oh! Krsna please save me from my demon father, no. But because he was always remembering Krsna under all circumstances, Krsna saved him anyway, and when He became finally angry He came Himself and killed the demon father. But even Krsna came Himself, still Prahlada did not ask Him for any favours, only to please kindly have mercy upon my father. That is pure devotee. Of course we cannot imitate, but we should always try to remember the example of our predecessors and follow their example always."

(SPL to Patty Dorgan, 4th September, 1972)

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