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Whenever you get time

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"So you read every sloka, every mantra. Whenever you get time, you read the purport, you read the meaning.


The whole philosophy is there. Now you are growing. There will be so many questions, so many philosophers. But our philosophy is so sound and solid, that we can meet any philosopher of the world, any philosopher. But you have to learn it. The books are there, your intelligence is there, the guidance is there.


Because you are preaching, sometimes we have to meet opposing elements. So if you cannot answer properly, that will be disqualification. So every one of you should learn this philosophy. As soon as you are able to, I mean to say, guide yourself, or save yourself from the attack of the opposing element, then you’ll know that you are making progress.


Otherwise… Of course, there are different stages of devotional life. But so far we are concerned, we have to preach. That is the second platform of devotional life. In the second platform, not only to love God, but to make friendship with devotees who is loving God. That is society.


Our society is devotees. We should not only practice to love God, but we should make friendship and love the devotees also. And then those who are innocent, those who do not understand what is Krsna, we shall preach. And those who are atheist, against God, we shall avoid. So this is second stage.


And on the highest stage, of course, there is no… He is paramahamsa. So that, don’t try to imitate paramahamsa. That is very topmost stage of devotional life."

Srila Prabhupada.



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