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Published on Monday, 04 May 2015 20:02
Written by alberto
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"The pictures of Lord Krsna and His expansions are particularly meant for giving a chance to the neophytes for offering devotional service. It was very nice that Purna dasa offered respects to the sankirtana painting. That will enlarge Krsna consciousness.

Your program for publishing pictures in details of great authorities like Bhisma and others is very much appreciated... I would advise, unless there is dire necessity, you should not divert your attention from painting. Somehow or other you have to manage everything in full cooperation, but your main engagement is painting." (SPL to Jadurani, 12th December, 1967)

"Now by Krsnas grace we have got many fine art students like Govinda dasi, Indira dasi, and Malati and many others. So as director of the art department, you should organize them in one place and overflood with pictures. We require these pictures in large quantities both for selling and for decoration. So I think you should immediately organize these potential artists in one place, either in San Francisco or New York, or wherever you like, and give daily at least one dozen pictures." (SPL to Jadurani, 23rd December, 1967)