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Created on Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:02
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Published on Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:02
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"Please continue to help all the young girls, both in New York and San Francisco as well. If they take to following your example of sincere service, they will all be advanced in Krsna consciousness very rapidly. Your example is very nice, using your artistic abilities to serve Krsna, and they may all follow in your footsteps. I think there is no need for coming to San Francisco, and most of the girls are there, and recently Annapuma dasi has left for Boston, also. She is very nice young girl, and with artistic abilities. So you please her as she arrives there." (SPL to Jadurani, 16th March, 1968)

"I am so pleased to hear of the activities of Jadurani and her artist assistants. We require this service, as we require so many pictures. Pictures, books, etc., all we shall sell on world tour with our sankirtana party. So we require a lot of pictures in stock; and wherever we open our centers, we must have at least Pancatattva picture, Visnu picture, sankirtana painting and the spiritual masters picture, and Radha-Krsna painting—they are all required. Therefore, Krsna has sent so many devotees to work on the painting department, so we have to utilize them fully, so their service is fully utilized for advancing in Krsna consciousness. Thanking you once more for your sincere service, and I hope you are well." (SPL to Balai, 22nd March, 1968)