Prabhupada could bring you immediately to Vrindavan.

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Krisha Kumari: I had a large class of about fifty young children from three to five years of age. They had acquired a small lot near the Dallas temple that they were using as a playground for the children. Prabhupada told us to do cowherd pastimes with the kids to engage them. It was my idea to dress them up like cows and cowherd boys and they liked it. One time Prabhupada was visiting and getting a massage in his garden that was on the other side of the parking lot where the kids performed these Krishna past times. That day I dressed most of them with ears like cow ears, and a tail pinned on, and then there was Krishna and Balaram with Their flutes. Krishna and Balaram would lead and play the flutes and then the cows would walk on all fours going “Mooo”.

Prabhupada obviously heard them because he came to the gate door to look out. As soon as he saw the kids, he smiled which was oceanic. He watched the whole scene. I didn’t know what to do so I just called out, “It’s Prabhupada! Pay obeisances!” The children turned around and saw Prabhupada. Krishna and Balaram did not pay obeisances. They stood and posed like Krishna and Balaram. The cows turned around and went “Moooo” as they all paid obeisances. Then they got up and continued playing with Krishna and Balaram Who were regally leading the cows. Prabhupada ran toward the last cow and started pulling the little tail on the cow. The child was totally playing with Prabhupada, “Mooo, mooo, mooo”, trying to get away from Prabhupada. Prabhupada was having such fun pulling the tail while the kids cried, “Mooo, mooo,” following his lead and playing their parts perfectly. I felt like we were all transported at that moment to Vrindavan. Prabhupada could bring you immediately to Vrindavan just by being with him.

Sravanananda: We were violently sick at the Mayapur festival in either 1974 or 1975. In those days, they were using very bad oils to cook with. Literally everyone was so ill that we could barely pay obeisances to Prabhupada. Prabhupada walked around where we were sprawled out and he was very disturbed that everyone was so sick. He immediately ordered that the homeopathic doctor be called. When the doctor arrived, he put a pill in everyone’s mouth as Prabhupada walked with him and watched over the process. Literally within minutes after the pill went in our mouth, we woke up out of a slumber of unconsciousness and a horrific disease to being almost fully conscious. We were bewildered and thought to ourselves, “What just happened?” I never thought about it too much until decades later when I really felt that Prabhupada was performing a miracle. To this day I don’t believe that one little white pill could have made us go from such a state of diseased consciousness and dysentery to be standing up and ready to do service again. It was such a short time frame from being so bad to so good that it had to have been a miracle by Prabhupada’s grace.


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