See the pictures below in a larger format, they will be of superior quality with the final layout.
 You want to please a friend by sending him a nice poster, or place it on
social networks (Facebook, Tweeter, Google ...) so I can do what you want.
Your friends will be happy to receive a beautiful personalized poster.
Want to put a quote of Srila Prabhupada on social networks?
Your friend has just had a child, you want to make him happy by sending him a nice wish?
It's the birthday of one of your friends, send him a nice poster.
Great idea for graduations, weddings, trips, a show ...
There are many ways to please someone by sending a beautiful and personalized poster.

Do not miss this great opportunity to get one of these posters.
A professional would ask you for tens of dollars or euros, maybe nearly 100$ for such a poster.
I only ask for a voluntary donation.

Once built up, I will send you your poster in large PDF format.
This format allows you to print it if you wish so.
Also in large JPG format if you want it or in both formats.


 Contact me and we will discuss it together.

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and also to the
distribution of leaflets.