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All of you are expert in chanting theSent on 03 February 2023
Who pretended to be a gigantic fish Sent on 02 February 2023
I surrender unto You Sent on 01 February 2023
You are the supreme well-wishing friendSent on 31 January 2023
A materialistic so-called guruSent on 30 January 2023
Of joyful applicationSent on 29 January 2023
As a blind man Sent on 27 January 2023
Nor the so-called gurus Sent on 26 January 2023
To be free of material entanglement Sent on 25 January 2023
In hopes of becoming happy Sent on 24 January 2023
By the grace of the Lord Sent on 23 January 2023
The Atlantic Ocean, a drop of waterSent on 22 January 2023
This particular devastation Sent on 20 January 2023
Like the petals of a lotus Sent on 19 January 2023
Through different types of atmosphere Sent on 18 January 2023
Protecting the cowsSent on 17 January 2023
One who is subject to deathSent on 16 January 2023
VideoSent on 15 January 2023
Pronouncing the mantras Sent on 13 January 2023
WO best of the brāhmaṇasSent on 12 January 2023
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