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Who are advanced in knowledge Sent on 24 June 2022
Meant for understanding the self Sent on 23 June 2022
It is abominable for a person Sent on 22 June 2022
The body is subject to death Sent on 21 June 2022
One who accepts the sannyāsa orderSent on 20 June 2022
His heart becomes fixed Sent on 17 June 2022
At the tip of the nose Sent on 16 June 2022
One should select a place Sent on 15 June 2022
Cannot help one in spiritual advancement Sent on 14 June 2022
All meant to control the sensesSent on 13 June 2022
Lord Kṛṣṇa, is the master of all Sent on 10 June 2022
He gives transcendental knowledge Sent on 09 June 2022
One must conquer the modes of passion Sent on 08 June 2022
By good behavior and freedomSent on 07 June 2022
By discussing spiritual knowledgeSent on 06 June 2022
By making plans with determination Sent on 03 June 2022
With varied experience Sent on 02 June 2022
The strong bodily desiresSent on 01 June 2022
A self-satisfied person can be happy Sent on 31 May 2022
Even if a man is poorSent on 30 May 2022
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