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One must go further and further into spiritual understandingSent on 20 September 2021
In the dhāma, there is no influence from Kali-yugaSent on 17 September 2021
Cross the ocean by catching hold of the dog’s tail?Sent on 16 September 2021
Enjoying money and women, yet dissatisfaction prevailsSent on 15 September 2021
Imperfect instruments of scientists are inadequateSent on 14 September 2021
The explosion of a chunkSent on 13 September 2021
The Formula For PeaceSent on 10 September 2021
All the affairs of administration will go to hellSent on 09 September 2021
Distress is an opportunity to rememberSent on 08 September 2021
He is actually always alert to our activitiesSent on 07 September 2021
A house or car is always different from its ownerSent on 06 September 2021
The background of māyā is the supreme magician,Sent on 03 September 2021
Man can attain perfectionSent on 02 September 2021
Every conditioned soul receives a different type of bodySent on 01 September 2021
Sometimes one loses his money on a public streetSent on 31 August 2021
When the eyes move because of some mental derangementSent on 30 August 2021
Otherwise no social institution can grow in a healthy stateSent on 27 August 2021
Factually bewildered by the false egoSent on 26 August 2021
Many travelers are brought togetherSent on 25 August 2021
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