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One must humbly approach, with firewood in handSent on 19 April 2021
"Keep to the right"Sent on 16 April 2021
Can you make any scent from the earth?Sent on 15 April 2021
One love concentratedSent on 14 April 2021
Finish all business in this lifeSent on 13 April 2021
But the birds are dancing in the streetSent on 12 April 2021
What is the symptom of such a rascal government?Sent on 09 April 2021
When you are in the Pacific Ocean, you are in dangerSent on 08 April 2021
My body, my finger, my head, my handSent on 07 April 2021
Don't be allured by big, big highwaysSent on 06 April 2021
It is a program to make everyone happySent on 05 April 2021
This is a world of problemsSent on 02 April 2021
They're lawful meat-eatersSent on 01 April 2021
There are two sets of living entitiesSent on 31 March 2021
And why father is the leader?Sent on 30 March 2021
There will be no need of criminal court or jailSent on 29 March 2021
Formerly, five thousand years ago, there was no need of booksSent on 26 March 2021
We should perform the divine lawsSent on 25 March 2021
That kind of fight and war is not allowedSent on 24 March 2021
Not that the body is going to the heavenSent on 23 March 2021
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