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His localized aspect gives intelligenceSent on 16 May 2022
The places where there is a temple Sent on 13 May 2022
According to your ability Sent on 12 May 2022
He is the enjoyer of sacrificial offerings Sent on 11 May 2022
When one is enriched with wealth Sent on 10 May 2022
Should be satisfied with eating prasāda Sent on 09 May 2022
Should give up attraction to his wife’s body Sent on 06 May 2022
Considers one’s wife to be his own Sent on 05 May 2022
Should be offered for the reception of guests Sent on 04 May 2022
One should not endeavor very hard for religiositySent on 03 May 2022
Exactly like one’s own sonSent on 02 May 2022
He deserves to be punished by the laws of nature Sent on 29 April 2022
Should be utilized to maintain the bodies Sent on 28 April 2022
We should be very much careful of our next birthSent on 27 April 2022
A gṛhastha must associate with saintly persons Sent on 26 April 2022
Householders must act to earn their livelihood Sent on 25 April 2022
Who are staying at home without knowledgeSent on 21 April 2022
That material existence is illusionSent on 20 April 2022
Between good and bad Sent on 19 April 2022
Are considered materially powerful and rich Sent on 15 April 2022
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