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Expanding His own energy Sent on 12 August 2022
The supreme platform Sent on 11 August 2022
Consists only of material elements Sent on 10 August 2022
Fixed his mind in his heart Sent on 09 August 2022
Certainly not known to everyone Sent on 08 August 2022
Fighting for many long years Sent on 05 August 2022
Could not rescue me from this danger Sent on 04 August 2022
Filled with shining golden lotus flowers Sent on 03 August 2022
Singing in the caves Sent on 02 August 2022
He is full in knowledge Sent on 01 August 2022
To reach the stage of activities Sent on 29 July 2022
Is the body of the Supreme Personality Sent on 28 July 2022
Has no beginning, no end and no middle Sent on 27 July 2022
Watches the activities of the world Sent on 26 July 2022
His Supersoul feature is present everywhere Sent on 25 July 2022
His Supersoul feature is present everywhere Sent on 22 July 2022
As created this material world Sent on 21 July 2022
Was by nature not at all attached Sent on 20 July 2022
Whatever activities the Supreme Personality Sent on 19 July 2022
Who are completely intelligentSent on 18 July 2022
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