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This is the best process Sent on 02 December 2022
All other sacrifices Sent on 01 December 2022
One should satisfy the spiritual master Sent on 30 November 2022
Subsisting only on milk Sent on 29 November 2022
Who is born from a lotus flower Sent on 28 November 2022
Instruct me in the perfect method of worshiping Sent on 25 November 2022
By which I may worship the supreme master Sent on 24 November 2022
Who is very merciful to the poor Sent on 23 November 2022
Who is the master of everything Sent on 22 November 2022
Made of five elements? Sent on 21 November 2022
The best of the demigods Sent on 18 November 2022
Your Lordship alone is the cause Sent on 17 November 2022
Complete in everything Sent on 16 November 2022
Achieve the highest goal Sent on 15 November 2022
Severely oppressed by their enemiesSent on 14 November 2022
Seeing the movements of time Sent on 11 November 2022
Under the influence of eternal time Sent on 10 November 2022
Those fools and rascalsSent on 09 November 2022
There are various activities Sent on 08 November 2022
The demigods and the demonsSent on 07 November 2022
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