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Killed many animals Sent on 21 March 2023
Anyone who chants this narration Sent on 20 March 2023
The change of the flagsSent on 18 March 2023
In this waySent on 17 March 2023
After one year Sent on 16 March 2023
Thus being satisfied in all respects Sent on 15 March 2023
I am very pleased with you Sent on 14 March 2023
O master of speechSent on 13 March 2023
Aid in dying !Sent on 11 March 2023
A very auspicious hub Sent on 10 March 2023
Are most dangerous Sent on 09 March 2023
For your own protection Sent on 08 March 2023
The core of My heart Sent on 07 March 2023
As chaste women Sent on 06 March 2023
The Peace Formula !Sent on 04 March 2023
Give up their homes Sent on 03 March 2023
I am the only destination Sent on 02 March 2023
Under the control of My devotees Sent on 01 March 2023
The forest immediately burns to ashes Sent on 28 February 2023
The behavior of this cruel manSent on 27 February 2023
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