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His mind and body have been converted to spiritual qualitiesSent on 26 November 2021
The Lord’s activities are uncommonSent on 25 November 2021
The truth of religious principles is extremely confidentialSent on 24 November 2021
There is no need to be worriedSent on 23 November 2021
Burning the root cause of material life to ashesSent on 22 November 2021
Intelligence can be perceived in three states of activitySent on 17 November 2021
Sober and expert persons should search for the spirit soulSent on 16 November 2021
The spiritual manifestation never vanishesSent on 15 November 2021
One must ask himself whether his head is his soulSent on 12 November 2021
The Lord’s eight separated material energiesSent on 11 November 2021
An expert geologist can understand where there is goldSent on 10 November 2021
Thus there is oneness in quality but a difference in quantitySent on 09 November 2021
There are two kinds of soulSent on 08 November 2021
What is the means of attaining to the transcendental position?Sent on 05 November 2021
Nothing is unobtainable for devoteesSent on 04 November 2021
Give up your demoniac nature and act without enmitySent on 03 November 2021
To an ordinary person there appears to be no GodSent on 02 November 2021
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