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The first dirty thing is that "I am this body"Sent on 11 May 2021
We should be very much careful of our next birthSent on 10 May 2021
Because I am emperor of the world, I am secureSent on 07 May 2021
You have to become a pure devotee, not a kṣatriyaSent on 06 May 2021
People are losing their original qualitiesSent on 05 May 2021
Why I have lost my godly qualities?Sent on 04 May 2021
The symptoms of a sādhuSent on 03 May 2021
Because this method will cleanse your heartSent on 30 April 2021
Service begins with the tongueSent on 29 April 2021
Human life is a junctionSent on 28 April 2021
Such people are descendants of monkeysSent on 27 April 2021
They become further embarrassedSent on 26 April 2021
He approaches the living dead who possess these thingsSent on 23 April 2021
Frustrated in society, friendship and loveSent on 22 April 2021
These unwanted pregnancies lead to abortionSent on 21 April 2021
Thus a good position might not be spoiledSent on 20 April 2021
One must humbly approach, with firewood in handSent on 19 April 2021
"Keep to the right"Sent on 16 April 2021
Can you make any scent from the earth?Sent on 15 April 2021
One love concentratedSent on 14 April 2021
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