So simply by having rich father and mother does not mean that he'll be happy. No. If he is unfortunate, in spite of having rich father and mother, he'll be unhappy. Bālasya neha śaraṇaṁ pitarau nṛsiṁha nārtasya cāgadam udanvati majjato nauḥ. Ārtasya, one who is suffering from disease, it is not that because he is given the help of good physician and first-class medicine he'll be cured. No. There is no guarantee. There is no guarantee. We have seen. First-class medicine, first-class physician employed for curing one..., but he dies. So we have manufactured so many counteracting. The scientists, they are very much proud that "We are now manufacturing counteracting medicine."

But where is your counteracting medicine for stopping death and disease? Disease is happening. You cannot make, manufacture any medicine that one tablet I take, I shall never be diseased or I shall never die. That is not possible. You are manufacturing some medicine for some disease. All right, that disease is cured, but another disease is there. Huh? Just like in India there are malaria or some disease. In your country there is cancer. Rich disease. You are rich men. That disease is also very rich. (laughter) India, poverty stricken, they suffer only a little malaria. That's all. Oh, you are rich. You have got cancer. There is no cure. That's all. Finished. This is actually to be studied.

So why this is happening? You may manufacture, you may invent so many nice things, counteracting all this suffering, but if you are neglected by Kṛṣṇa, no counteraction will save you. Tāvad tanu-bhṛtāṁ tvad-upekṣitānām. If one is neglected by God, he cannot be saved. There is no... That is not possible.

Prabhupada's lecture - Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 1.1.4 - London, August 27, 1973

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